Giant Future US Snowdome Launches Website

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July 29, New Jersey (SnowHunter)--The joint developers of the $1.3 billion Xanadu project in New Jersey, Mills Corp. and Mack-Cali, have launched a website atY¥ to showcase their plans.

Xanadu would comprise five themed 'districts' over the 104-acre Continental Arena site.Y¥ The entertainment district will be the hub, surrounded by sports, children's education, fashion and food and home and Fashion.

Along with what may still be the first snowdome in the US if other delayed projects do not happen first, Xanadu will incorporate the nation's largest movie complex, indoor wave pool, extreme sports park and a three-story video wall.Y¥ A minor-league baseball stadium, an aquarium, role-playing adventures, and other "hands-on learning" are highlights of the children's education section.

If the latest legal difficulties are overcome and brand name participants sign up, construction work will begin this autumn, with opening within two years.

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