Gov. Brown Vetoes California Helmet Law

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SAM Magazine-Sacramento, Calif., Sept. 8, 2011- Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed California's winter sports helmet law yesterday, calling the bill overbearing and expensive. The bill, passed by the state legislature earlier this year, would have mandated helmets for all youths ages 17 and under at winter resorts.

The veto signals that the governor, a Democrat, has a deep aversion to "nanny government," and is generally opposed to new state mandates for personal conduct.

In his veto message, Brown said, "While I appreciate the value of wearing a ski helmet, I am concerned about the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state. Not every human problem deserves a law."


Helmet Guy

Helmets do not prevent TBI, they can prevent a lot of minor head injuries.

Every Child has a right to a brain injury

With that kind of logic, perhaps California should repeal its seat belt law. After all, the government isn't a nanny. And why aren't children allowed to drink? If it's okay with the parents, why should the government interfere? The duty of a government is to protect its citizens, which is also the purpose of its laws. There is a reason the legislation was passed to begin with, namely the hundreds of lives ruined over the years by traumatic brain injuries preventable by a simple helmet. If a simple piece of legislation could prevent such suffering, wouldn't it be common sense to sign it?

Way to go Governor Brown

Wow, California's government finally got something right. Let's keep this common sense coming! Wear your helmet, not because the government says to, but because you're smart enough to!


If you consider the "duty of a government to protect it's citizens" to go as far as the first forum "post" SkiRevSkip, then government should legislate a law that we must look both ways before we cross the street. Think of the lives we would save if we had that mandate? We have more than ANY nation's share of "simple pieces of legislation" to protect everything - that is a reason why the USA is in such a critical mess! I am both surprised by and agreeable with Gov Brown's position on the helmet law. I am also the mother of two children who I require to wear helmets!!!! Let the parents be responsible for their children. NOT the GOVERNMENT!!!!!!! Get government out of what made the USA Great! More government = Less freedom!!!!!