Greg LeMond Sues Yellowstone Club

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SAM Magazine-Yellowstone, Mont., Nov. 8, 2006-Tim Blixseth, the developer of Montana's Yellowstone Club, is being sued by three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond. LeMond, an early investor in two of the companies that control the Yellowstone club, claims that Blixseth has cheated him out of millions of dollars.

Blixseth has counter-sued LeMond for breach of contract and for trying to use the court for wrongful financial gain. Blixseth didn't mince words when discussing the suit with Bloomberg Press Agency. "He's an aging athlete whose income-producing ability has been usurped by Lance Armstrong," Blixseth said.

Blixeth is no stranger to suits. A pilot formerly employed by Blixseth is also suing him, claiming that he was fired for reporting that other pilots employed by Blixseth were flying under the influence of drink and drugs. In another instance, the EPA won a $1.8 million settlement-the largest ever collected by the agency for the unauthorized discharge of dredged material-from the Yellowstone Club after the resort bulldozed several ski runs without proper permits.


down with exclusivity!

I could care less about the guy, but places like the Yellowstone Club are everything skiing shouldn't be: elitist, expensive and exclusive. It's sad that the YC model has proven so popular with other developers, the Guinn company's project outside of Vail being a case in point.

Shady Guy

Typical of an arrogant, rag to riches to rags to riches character. His history is rife with shady dealings, unfulfilled commitments and numerous other reasons not to trust the guy. Google him sometime. I hope LeMond and his lawyers squeeze him hard.