Idaho Updates Its Skier Act

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SAM Magazine--Boise, Idaho, March 28, 2014--In an effort to reflect the changing landscape of the mountain resort, Idaho is the latest state to update its bill that oversees ski areas. The governor signed Bill 462 on March 26 and the new Bill goes into effect on July 1, 2014. The update expanded the skiing language to include snowboarding and other sliding devices. It also expanded uphill transportation to include wire ropes and conveyors. The bill also expands its definition of terrain to include freestyle terrain. The text reads: "Freestyle terrain means terrain parks and terrain features including, but not limited to, jumps, hits, ramps, banks, fun boxes, jibs, rails, half-pipes, quarter pipes and any other natural or constructed features."

Finally, new language regarding inherent risks at a resort was added in order to include, among others, avalanches, tree wells, snowmaking mounds and freestyle terrain.

The new bill can be seen here.


What a short sighted Move

Idaho has jumped the gun and consumers are left in the cold. What kind of business believes that man made jumps are "inherent risks"? Before something which is man made becomes by definition inherent, there MUST be a standard to judge against. The ASTM as well as USTCP are working on industry standards to enable protection for both the operator as well as the consumer. But not, Idaho is smarter than that. They are putting consumers lives at risk with NO standards and for the most part NO education or training for terrain park workers that relate to engineering, physics or building. Just know how to drive a cat, pile up snow and have fellow workers "hit it" and say ; Good Dude". Simply irresponsible behavior on the part of the ski industry. What are you afraid of? Lawsuits keep you in check when they are actually allowed against a resort, which is rare. Sham on you!

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