Intrawest Buys Whistler Heli-Skiing

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SAM Magazine-Vancouver, B.C., Sept. 1, 2006-Intrawest Corporation has acquired Whistler Heli-Skiing in a transaction that increases Whistler Blackcomb's skiing and snowboarding terrain to more than 500,000 acres. The purchase adds Whistler Heli-Skiing's permit area of 494,000 acres to Whistler Blackcomb's 8,171 acres of in-bounds skiing.

The previous owners of Whistler Heli-Skiing-Doug O'Mara, John Hetherington, Andrew Wilkins and Ken Hardy-will remain actively involved in the business, providing management and guiding services. Whistler Blackcomb will provide sales, marketing and operational support.

"There are huge opportunities for us to market heli-skiing alongside our current in-bounds experiences," said Dave Brownlie, Whistler Blackcomb's CEO. Another benefit is the wealth of shared snow science knowledge that will be available to both companies. In a business that depends on the reliability of its forecasting and reporting, this shared intelligence is expected to be a significant asset.

The 25 year-old heli-ski company will continue to operate as Whistler Heli-Skiing, and will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Whistler Blackcomb.



Wasn't Intrawest bought out not to long ago? If they were bought out how does Intrawest still own Whistler?

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