Le Massif Posts Soft Numbers Despite Late Season Snow

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SAM Magazine-Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Que., Apr. 16, 2007-Lack of snow at the start of the ski season led to a 16.7 decrease in skier visits for Le Massif.

"Cold snaps, rain and unusually late snowfalls always greatly affect our urban clientele's commitment to slide sports," says Pierre Raymond, general manager of the ski area. "When the snow just isn't there, it's hard to think powder."

According to Raymond, Le Massifs a 16.7 percent overall decrease in skier visits " is chiefly attributed to the mild temperatures and absence of snow at the beginning of the season, which played against us from the onset." "Despite abundant coverage over the past few months," says Raymond, "we did not succeed in our attempt to make up for lost time."

One bright spot was the increasing success of the mountain's special events, which, despite a year of mixed snowfall, drew record numbers. "The Massif Open Rossignol alone generated a 52 percent increase in skier visits as compared to last year," he says, "which confirms a real demand for original events like Panoramas & Paintbrushes, The Great Horned Owl Event and The Reggae Bash-to name but a few. March Break enjoyed a nine percent increase compared to last season, and is credited for this season's record skier-visit day." \