Northstar Submits Master Plan for Environmental Review

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SAM Magazine--November 6, 2012--Northstar, California, released its Mountain Master Plan (NMMP) today, outlining what the future holds with regard to on-mountain improvements and additional recreational opportunities at the resort. The plan, submitted to Placer County for environmental review, outlines mountain improvements proposed at Northstar over the next 10 to 15 years.

The Northstar Mountain Master Plan proposes new ski terrain, lifts, skier facilities and additional recreational opportunities, as well as upgrades to existing ski terrain and facilities. It was developed using environmental principles and management strategies established in Northstar’s Habitat Management Plan (HMP), a resource management guide that was developed in collaboration with the local environmental community to conserve and enhance the natural resource values of Northstar lands while allowing for current and planned future land uses in a manner that is compatible with those values.

The NMMP proposes the following improvements:
· Lift access to the advanced terrain and gladed back country terrain;
· Approximately 300 acres of new ski trails accessed by seven new lifts;
· Improved quality of snow surface conditions through additional snowmaking coverage;
· On-mountain skier service site improvements to provide additional seating, restrooms and enhanced food service;
· Improved skier circulation within existing terrain through trail widening, skier bridges and existing lift upgrades.

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) examining the proposal will be prepared in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) statutes and guidelines, and Placer County’s Environmental Review Ordinance. The EIR will identify feasible mitigation measures to reduce or avoid impacts, will consider project alternatives, and will evaluate the project’s potential to contribute to cumulative impacts in the region.

“Local environmental organizations have worked closely with us to review our proposed master plan and ensure its consistency with the resort’s Habitat Management Plan. It is extremely important to us to continue enhancing the guest experience while also protecting the environment. We look forward to reviewing the plans with the public and local leaders to receive further input,” says Bill Rock, COO.