Pierpont Named Targhee GM

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SAM Magazine-Grand Targhee, Wyo., Sept. 11, 2007-Scott Pierpont has been named general manager of Grand Targhee. Pierpont has spent more than 30 years in the the ski industry, and makes the move to Targhee from Utah where he held positions as president and managing director of The Canyons, president of the Park City Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Ski Utah, the marketing arm of the state's ski industry. Other positions held by Pierpont include stints as both vice president of mountain operations and president and managing director at Mount Snow, Vt.

"My wife Jill and I are looking forward to living and working in Teton Valley," said Pierpont. "The opportunities that lie ahead at Grand Targhee are very exciting."

Pierpont takes over the GM position vacated by Larry Williamson, who retired from Grand Targhee after 35 years.


Agree with Rick

I agree with Rick. Keep it clean. No need to make personal attack on people who have dedicated their lives to the industry. To the people who made personal attacks on Scott, I challenge you to actually contact him and tell him your concerns, but I don't think you have the guts. Much easier to post insults on a web site without knowing the true facts. You obviously have a personal issue with Mr. Pierpont. Do yourself a favor, resolve it, get a life, and go get a job. Congratulations to Scott and his family. I have heard personally from Targhee employees that he is a great fit and a great welcome to their already wonderful resort. To Scott, stop reading the garbage that people post here that don't know the facts.


Exactly what part of the previous comments were dirty or off topic? Free speech is a right! Fortunatly Targee is a great mountain that gets great snow. Not even the biggest fool on the planet can mess that one up.


you got that right he is a micro managing ass that does not know what he is doing!!!! he will run it in to the ground!!!
and hopefully all the yahoos at the canyons he promoted to manageless will follow him.

have a job

do you actually know that Mr. Pierpont or Mr. Diamond didn't start from the bottom? How bottom do you want to go? Lift operator, night snowmaker or groomer? Blog, forum whichever. all i am saying is try to get some facts straight before ripping on people and i apologize directly to you for making assumptions about you (Bob). point taken.


Umm... need a job this isn't what one would consider a blog. Sorrry


All I did was ask a simple question. Is it that hard? I actually started from the bottom, just like everyone else that was not born with a silver spoon. Your talkin to a vet \\"need a job\\".

have a job

no bob....some of us actually work in the industry and don\\'t have time to float around every blog about The Canyons. let it go. the company is dissolved, Mr. Pierpont is at another resort (go bug him in person, but I am sure you won\\'t), or, how about this......go work at a resort, get some experience from the bottom up and then come back with some intelligence banter. in the mean time, i need to get back to work.


Typical. Can not respond to the hard question. Some just want to interupt the flow of the converstion. HA HA.


I will ask again. Exactly what part of the previous posts were dirty of off topic?

Some where in the middle

I am some where in the middle on this one, I have worked for him and more than one of his decisions weren't the greatest for the long term.

Managing Partner

Maybe Grand T. could also hire Chris Diamond, as well. The two of them could run Grand T. right into the ground.

Why on earth when anyone hire Pierpont? He was nothing more than a micro-managed babysitter at the Canyons.


C.J. and jz, please show a little civility here. No need to curse Scott Pierpont, or insult Chris Diamond--why bring him into this thread? Criticize if you must, but keep it clean, and on topic.

Snowboard Director

Congratulations to Scott Pierpont!

Chuck and Chris Allen