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SAM Magazine—Windham, N.Y. Jan. 24, 2013—Electric vehicle drivers can now charge up at three ski resorts across the U.S. Windham Mountain, N.Y., and Mount Abram, Me., have joined first-mover Stevens Pass, Wash., by adding charging stations.

Windham unveiled its new ChargePoint charging station last weekend. It is the only one in Greene County, N.Y. As such it fills a large geographic gap in charging services, which are confined to more urban areas an hour from the resort. Windham offers the service free of, er, charge.

Windham Mountain participated in a New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) program to become a ChargePoint location.

Stevens Pass, like Windham, is also a ChargePoint site. Stevens received a federal grant to buy its two stations, but paid for installation itself. Each station can provide a trickle charge (120Volt) and a quick charge (240Volt) to two separate electric vehicles simultaneously, allowing a total of four electric vehicles to charge at the same time. The chargers are available 24/7, at an average fee of $5.

Mount Abram has installed a pair of 220-volt charging centers located close to the main lodge, and they are available to guests who drive electric or hybrid vehicles. Drivers can even reserve charging times. Along those same lines, Stevens says it will set up a reservation system if that becomes necessary in the future.