Shawnee Peak Adopts Wind Power

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SAM Magazine-Bridgton, Me., Sept. 14, 2006-Shawnee Peak has joined the growing ranks of wind-powered ski areas. The electricity consumption of Shawnee's lifts, snowmaking equipment, lights, lodges and administrative offices will be supplied entirely from zero-emission wind power through an agreement with Community Energy, Inc., a wind energy marketer and developer. With this move Shawnee becomes the first ski area in Maine to be powered 100 percent by wind energy.

The environmental benefit of Shawnee's wind energy purchase is equal to offsetting 2.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of planting more than 150,000 trees or removing 159 cars from the road. The purchase means that Shawnee, Maine's longest-running ski area, will qualify as an Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Leader.

"Through recycling, responsible water usage and other actions, Shawnee Peak prides itself on limiting its impact on the earth," said Chet Homer, owner of Shawnee Peak. "Our 100 percent wind power initiative strengthens our environmental position and helps to ensure that future generations will have a cleaner world in which to live."