SIA Tallies the Impact of Women on Snowsports

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SAM Magazine—Washington, D.C., Oct. 11, 2013—The 2013 Women's Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report reveals that 3.3 million women participated in snowsports last season, and made $1 billion in purchases of women-specific gear during the 2012-13 season. The report, a supplement to the full Market Intelligence Report produced by Snowsports Industries America (SIA), calls women critical to the snow sports market for their purchases and for their influence over family activities.

Select Highlights:

• Women spent 59 percent of their snow sports dollars on apparel.

• Alpine ski brought out the most women to the mountain, with 3.3M participants.

• 60 percent of female snowboarders are between the ages of 16 and 34.

• Women's cross-country equipment sales rose 8 percent, to $5 million.

• Consistent with backcountry trends, women's alpine/AT boot sales were up 193 percent in units and 217 percent in dollars.

The Women's Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report provides a comprehensive view of the women's snowsports market at retail. It offers a detailed view of each product category and market channel and compares pricing, retail margins, unit and dollar volume by channel, regional sales, inventories and market penetration. All snow sports businesses can use the report to provide a perspective on the industry.

The 2013 Women's Snow Sports Market Intelligence Report is available at no cost to SIA members and $425 to non-members. SIA will release a related Youth Market Intelligence Report in the near future.

For a 10-minute overview of the 2012-13 retail performance, Check out SIA’s “State of the Industry Video” at


Women's Ski Apparel

I am so glad to hear other women have the same problem purchasing ski apparel. It is not the '60's or '70's - women want to ski not just look pretty. Women are here to ski, not only in numbers, but also with the purse strings, so get real manufacturers - make clothing for us. The same goes for skis, it is great that the ski companies are finally realizing that women ski differenly than men and they are doing something about it. We are built differently then men, now rework your clothing. We will spend more money!

women's snowsport apparel

I agree with the comments above. I buy men's clothing because it fits better, has fewer frilly fashion details and functions better for the price. I'm 59, athletic, and large. I'm a certified instructor who skis just about anything. Give me function at a fair price!

womens apparal

There is very little womens plus size technical apparal. All of the ski wear is cut really tight and I end up buying mens and having it altered, which doubles the cost of the jacket. Women in the size range of 18-24 do ski and snowboard. I virtually purchase every pair of pants I can find that fits since I never know when another pair will show up - have had the same pants now for 10 years since i cannot find a replacement. The jackets that are plus size do not have the same fabrics and features and are not nearly the quality or appearance of the smaller sizes. Ski industry folks wonder why older women do not stay with the sport. We want fashionable, functional, technical, warm and comfortable long underwear, middle layers, jackets and pants for all seasons. I would ideally replace my stuff every three years but with the quality that's out there, I am better repairing my older stuff.

Womens purchases in Snowsport Retail

Even though women spent 59% of their snow sport dollars on apparel, I think that percentage could be higher if more companies made their women's apparel to fit more than one body type. I myself am a female, 20 years old and I snowboard. I am not a fan of the more form fitting jacket that a lot of companies put out for their female riders. Granted there are other fits, they just don't seem as comfortable as what a jacket should be. Nothing ruins a day of riding more than a piece of clothing that doesn't fit right. Instead of putting up with a tight jacket I just buy mens, and i think that a lot of other women are in the same boat. Also since I have purchased mens gear, I believe the mens products are much more quality and durable then many women's products. Basically what I am getting at is theres much more room to increase the percentage women spend on women specific gear. There are girls out there who want to ride just as the guys do, so why not give us a product that we can push to the limit and feel comfortable while doing so.