.SKI Domain Names Available Soon

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SAM Magazine--Lakewood, Colo., July 11, 2014--The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) announced that beginning in September 2014, ski resorts, companies, and brands will have the ability to reserve unique domain names that end in .SKI. NSAA, along with FIS and USSA, have been working in conjunction with the .SKI registry operators on the unique Internet domain extension program that caters directly to the industry.

NSAA also announced that starting today, NSAA members can protect up to 10 .SKI domain names that relate to the mountain resort, free of charge, for 10 years. Enrollment will only be available for 60 days. Then, in September 2014, .SKI will go live.

Check out this link for further information. Or, e-mail Rob Rozicki at rob@dot-ski.com.