Ski Utah Launches Revamped Website

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SAM Magazine—Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 26, 2013—With the 2013-14 ski season underway, Ski Utah recently launched an updated website. provides extensive trip planning tools, custom detailed weather forecasts, a new travel expert blogger, and large imagery that showcases the resorts—along with a comprehensive look at Utah’s 14 resorts.

The planning tools on the website include a large interactive map that outlines the different regions in the state and the 14 resorts, to show the proximity of the resorts to each other and to the airport. From there visitors can narrow their search by selecting different amenities and deals based on proximity to a specific resort. In addition, Ski Utah’s snow report features a custom weather synopsis from Wasatch Snow Forecast.

In a move that highlights the growing importance of bloggers, Ski Utah has added Erika Wiggins to the blog team as the Snow Travelista. Wiggins is a freelance writer with a passion for travel and adventure sports. She will share tips and inspiration for planning winter vacations in Utah.