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SAM Magazine - Midland, MI, October, 26, 2006 - Snowmaking equipment manufacturer Snow Machines, Inc. (SMI) has introduced the quietest, lightest design in its more than 35-year history, the SMI Kid PoleCat. In addition, the machine also is light, and, according to manufacturers, has a delivery capability and throw of up to 100 feet, making it ideal for narrow trails.

The Kid PoleCat uses a 7.5 horsepower fan for wide-ranging throw, and 15 water delivery nozzles can be customized to perfect water flow for specific weather conditions. The unit is available with either a galvanized carriage or tower mount, oscillation and heated valves. The company says that like the other members of the PoleCat family, the new low-maintenance design delivers large volumes of snow, and excels in areas where source water contains small particulates and dissolved dirt.

Water in the Kid PoleCat is nucleated through six central jet nozzles. Two heated, self-draining valves allow for flow adjustment from 10.6 to 55 gallons (40 - 209 liters) per minute, at pressures from 150 to 500 PSI (10 - 34.5 BAR).
The machine is an extremely versatile unit, available with a variety of custom tower or carriage mounts, and either a piston or vane-type compressor. The design can be specified for manual operation or for automated control, using SMI's automation software that be programmed to handle such tasks as HVAC control, lighting and video cameras as well as snowmaking operation.


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