Snow Park NZ Sold, Future As a Ski Area Uncertain

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SAM Magazine--June 6, 2013--New Zealand's Snow Park NZ was sold to Southern Hemishpere Proving Grounds (SHPG), a neighboring vehicle-testing facility, and the future of the ski area looks uncertain. SHPG managing director Tom Elworthy told the Otago Daily Times that is was possible Snow Park could still operate as a venue for events and training, but it was unlikely the area would open up to the public because "it's too expensive to run and the market is too small."

Snow Park was operated by the Lee family for the last 33 years, and in 2002, Sam Lee converted the resort into a dedicated freestyle resort. In fact, Snow Park was slated to host the Burton Open and two slopestyle World Cup qualifiers. Elworthy said they have yet to determine whether they would run those events. SHPG's main interest in the property were its workshops and lodges, which would provide accommodation for proving vehicle-testing crews.

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