Snow Valley Makes First Snow

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SAM Magazine--Running Springs, Calif., September 15, 2005--In the race of the firsts, Snow Valley, Calif., fired up its snowguns at 2:30 a.m. on September 12, becoming the first ski area to make snow. While the snowmaking was fired up for testing purposes, marketing manager Kevin Somes took the opportunity to make a few turns.

Snow Valley also prides itself on being the last resort in the U.S. to make snow back in late April.


Congrats to Snow Valley

As Mr Robertson stated in the first post it is good to see Snow Valley coming around after all they have been through.

Snow Valley's release didn't mention that they bought 2 more Camoplast groomers to add to their fleet as well to further their commitment to grooming.

Good Luck Snow Valley!

Snow Valley Makes First Snow

I've skied this friendly little resort and it's good to see them get some well-deserved recognition. I'm a biased local but in the past decade this plucky sliding area has bounced back from financial, legal and natural adversity and has come out all the better for it. Last season they were open until May 1; notable in Southern California.
Besides additional snow making, Snow Valley will add improved water resources, an enlarged family snow play and picnic area and a mini snowmobile track for kids this season.
Kudos to Snow Valley for doing exceptionally well with what they're had to work with.
Dennis Robertson
Crestline, CA

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