Soldier Mountain Under New Ownership

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SAM Magazine--October 9, 2012--Actor Bruce Wilis has handed over the reins of his small Idaho ski area, Soldier Mountain, to a nonprofit group. The actor announced last April that he was looking for a new entity to run Soldier, which includes two chairs and one rope tow on permitted Forest Service land, at the same time he announced the sale of his nearby home and bar.

According to the Sacramento Bee, five people have formed the nonprofit group and a town hall meeting on Thursday will finalize the deal. The names of those involved were not released.


Sale of Soldier

Bruce, congratulations on the sale of your ski area. My son and two friends skied Soldier Mt. In March of 2006 and we had a ball skiing the powder that was prevalent that day under a cobalt blue Idaho sky.When I read that you were selling the place I wished that I had had the capital to purchase Soldier Mt.but alas I'm just a blue collar worker here in N.H. It's just that great of a medium size ski area with some great treeless terrain and glades and that old base lodge will always reside in my memory, to bad it burned down. The people we met there that day, employees and fellow skiers and riders were great, friendly and fun to have a brew with in that lounge on the 2nd floor. Wishing all the best snow and winter weather to the new owners.If I'm ever back in Boise in the winter I'll make sure to ski Soldier.