Stan Hansen Promoted

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SAM Magazine--Park City, Utah, October 5, 2005--Last week, American Skiing Company announced the promotion of Stan Hansen to senior vice president of real estate.

Until now, Hansen was the president and managing director of ASC's Mount Snow resort in Vermont. In his new position, Hansen will have the responsibility for the planning and execution of the real estate strategies for the company's eight resorts and report directly to President and CEO B.J. Fair.

A replacement for Hansen at the helm of Mount Snow has not yet been decided.


How Long ?

How much time should be put it at the rock, sitting and contemplating ? How long is it gonna take for "Super Stan" to turn around ASC's gold mines into ones that can reward their employee's with more than 2.5% raises ? Bitter, maybe but unfortunately I won't have any company from ASC exec's while I'm contemplating how to pay my heating bills this winter that have increased more than 2.5%.

Bitter, Bitter

That attitude will certainly not serve you well, at work, at home, in the community. You should go sit on a rock, and contemplate a little.

Great Guys

ASC has more than a few "Great Guys". I hope that Stan is a good salesman, because there are a lot of "Great Guys" looking for more than 2.5%.

Great Guy

One of few ASC has. Mount Snow is a great area. But is going through changes now. To many people within that want the MD job. Please bring someone outside that understands the resort operations. Mount Snow is a gold mine for ASC. Congrates to Stan.