Sugarbush and Mad River Announce Partnership

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SAM Magazine--Vermont, October 4, 2012--After a rocky 54-year history, Sugarbush Resort and Mad River Glen have declared a détente and are offering joint season passes for the first time. The "Ski The Valley Plus" pass is available to skiers who book extended ski and stay packages and includes unrestricted access to all three mountains (Mad River and Sugarbush's Lincoln Peak and Mount Ellen), with more discounts at local theaters, restaurants and shops. The areas will also offer the "Threesome College Pass" to full-time college students for $359. Lastly, the mountains are working together to target young adults by offering special rates for skiers under 30. Sugarbush's "For 20s Pass" ($419) can be upgraded for $80 to "Add Mad," which gives the passholder midweek access to Mad River Glen.


Good for the Valley

This is great for the whole valley. Now only one pass is needed. And for all you boarders, MRG is what it is, deal with it. MRG prides itself as a skiers Mt. and will continue to be. Remember, ski it if you can with ski being the important word!!!!!

Snowboarding at Mad River

Ummmm NO!!! Arnie - you need to come back to MRG again one of these days - it's been a very long time!


I read "skiers."

snowboarding at Mad River?

But will that mean Mad River will accept snowboarders??? Arnie Wilson, Editor of Ski+board, the Ski Club of Great Britain's magazin.e