TechnoAlpin Acquires Johnson Controls Neige

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SAM Magazine--April 3, 2012--TechnoAlpin, founded in 1990 in Bolzano (Italy) and a major player in snowmaking, (35% market share in Europe) has just formalized the acquisition of all the activities of Johnson Controls Neige (JCN) in France, Italy and the U.S. JCN is a snowmaking equipment market leader in France with 60% market share and 30% worldwide.

Both companies will retain their own autonomy and their own structures and management processes; JCN will change its name to MYNEIGE. The entire staff of the snow group (105 people) is retained within the new company. The objective is to develop complementary synergies, and provide operators of ski areas with superior products and services for snowmaking.



Cue the Imperial March music? Certainly an interesting development. Seems that this will make SMI, SnowEconomics and the others stand up and take notice.

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