Utah Visits Hit New Highs-Again

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SAM Magazine-Salt Lake City, May 16, 2006-Utah resorts achieved their third consecutive record-breaking year for skier visits in 2005-06 as they topped 4 million for the first time. Utah skier days are at 4,045,030, up 3.8 percent over the previous season, with Snowbird sure to add a few thousand more before it closes at the end of May. Visits to Utah are up 29 percent over the past three seasons, and up more than 20 percent since hosting the 2002 Olympics.

Ski Utah president Nathan Rafferty credited increasing awareness of Utah's combination of easy access and deep snow for the new record. He noted that Delta Air Lines has expanded its flights and now provides non-stop service for the state's top 50 markets. And for the second year in a row, Utah areas received more than 600-inches of snow.

"The growth trend, state funding for tourism promotion, and the improvements that several resorts have in the works for next year will give us strong momentum going into the 2006-07 ski season," Rafferty said.