Vail Arsonist Gets 13 Years

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SAM Magazine, May 24, 2007--Stanislas Gregory Myerhof, the first of the two members of the Earth Liberation Front group-"the Family" responsible for the Vail arsons-has received a 13-year sentence.

Myerhof, who pleaded guilty for 62 counts including the 1998 fires at Vail, which burned the Two Elk Lodge and other buildings, was known as the "Technician" and created the devices that started fires at Vail.

Currently awaiting sentencing is Chelsea Gerlach. Gerlach is expected to receive her sentencing on Friday. \


They got less than the plea bargains called for

I and the rest of Eugene Oregon apologize!

The trial was held here, and even though one of the fires was set within view of the courthouse and another one a few miles up river, the judge babbled on about how it was all the result of defective parenting.

She ruled it as a terrorist act that calls for an increased sentence, but ended up giving them all less than what was agreed to in the plea bargains. \


Only 13 years? Seems sort of light.