Vail Claims Most Trails in World

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September 27, 2005, From World Snow News--In a new brochure, Vail Ski Area in Colorado is claiming that it contains more pisted runs than any other ski area in the world. It is currently unclear whether the claim refers to the length of piste, the area of piste or possibly to the amount of terrain groomed each night.

Whistler Blackcomb in Canada has a larger ski area and dozens of European ski regions appear to have more ski pistes than Vail, but comparison is difficult as Europe's areas measure ski runs by their length, North American by area.

Vail Resort is entering "phase two of its grooming initiative" which means it will manicure thirty percent more terrain each night. It is adding nine new grooming machines for this winter in order to achieve this ambitious target. On average the resort will groom 1,300 to 1,600 acres oper night--a larger area than most U.S. ski resorts offer in total. \


Vail claims...

Vail claims they have figured out cold fusion...

who you workin' for?

Mant Trails: how long have you been employed by Vail?

Many Trails

Understand, Vail has many trails. Some unheard of.
Hair bag alley, Base 403, WFO, WWFO and more.
Still the best there is. No question. Grooming? Still the best there is. No question. (Includes Beaver Creek).
Get over it.

Who cares??

Maybe they will cut a 25 KM cat track zig zaging down the front side so they can boast the worlds longest run. It can end right beside the worlds largest ball of string.

yea, right

I guess nobody from Vail bothered to check the stats of resorts outside the U.S.

They must include I-70!

Pure and poor spin! The Three Valley, Les Portes du Soleil, Ski Dolomiti and more Euro interconnect all dwarf Vail… <pr>Maybe their spin machine includes, in that preposterous count, four graceful lanes of I-70, from Eagle to Denver?


Quality or Quantity ?


To bad Vail ran off all the groomers that gave a shit about the product. Now they will have many more horribly groomed slopes. Go over to Beaver Creek at least they care about their mountain.


Its all marketing, because the customers they are targeting with that claim only ski maybe the week they visit Vail. Most educated skiers know that Europe boasts more acreage, as does Whistler, and now more recently Big Sky Moonlight Basin.

Most Acreage

FYI - If they're going by acreage, the new Big Sky/Moonlight Basin interconnect product offers a little more at 5,300 total acres...


Courchevel/Trois Vallees might beg to differ with the all-mighty Vail Resorts on this one....


typical of Vail: claim something like this and don't clarify how you measure. Who cares if what you say is true as long as the public hears the word "biggest" or "most". Misleading or just another harmless marketing tactic?