Wisconsin Gets Skier Safety Act

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SAM Magazine--April 3, 2012--Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker signed the "Skier Safety Act" today defining the responsibilities of both participants and ski area operators. Wisconsin Ski Industries Association (WSIA), representing 32 ski areas across the state, expressed gratitude to Representative Pat Strachota and Senator Glenn Grothman for their leadership in shepherding SB 388, the Skier Safety Act, through the legislative process.

"It is refreshing to see democrats and republicans work together to fashion a bill with bi-partisan approval to make ski slopes safer and promote skiing and winter recreation in Wisconsin," said the WSIA in a statement.

The statement further said, "Skiing and snowboarding are action sports that have inherent risks which skiers can help reduce, under the Skier Safety Act, by skiing in control, yielding to skiers ahead of them, stopping on the sides of runs where they can be seen by oncoming skiers and by being aware of their responsibilities. Ski area operators have always considered skier safety a high priority and as part of the Skier Safety Act, will continue to post signs, mark snowmaking hydrants and maintain and adhere to written padding and vehicle operation policies."

For further information, contact WSIA President Jim Engel at 262-707-8811 or atjim@skisunburst.com.



Congrats JIm!