Wisp Announces New GM

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SAM Magazine--March 18, 2013--Wisp Resort in Maryland announced the promotion of industry (and Wisp) veteran Jerry Geisler to GM today. Geisler has worked at Wisp Resort for 37 years beginning as a ski instructor in 1975. Geisler replaces Tim Prather.

Wisp emerged from bankruptcy in December 2012 under new ownership—EPR Properties, a REIT with extensive experience in winter resort operations, bought the resort for $23.5 million. EPR Properties announced earlier this year that it would partner with Salt Lake City, Utah-based Everbright Pacific, an affiliate of Pacific Group, as the new operator of the resort. Everbright Pacific also manages Ragged Mountain, N.H.


Congrats Jerry!

Congrats Jerry!


As a former colleague of Jerry's, I can speak from experience that he is a first class guy who will lead Wisp to new heights!!


Congratulations Jerry. It's well deserved. A good move for you & The new ownership.


Good for you Jerry. You are the right person for the job.

Jerry Geisler Promoted to GM

The move to promote Jerry Geisler to GM at the WISP is 30 years overdue. I worked at the WISP as a ski patrolman from 1984 to 1988 and I believe that if Jerry would have been GM at that time, the WISP would not have had so many problems. Jerry is a great guy to work for and he is very knowledgeable. Good luck Jerry! Ted JFSP-11

Good news for WISP

Jerry is a die hard fan of WISP, and knows every nook and cranny of the place. They couldn't ask for a better fit.