World's Newest Ski Resort Opens in Korea

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SAM Magazine--December 1, 2006, Korea (SnowHunter)--Korea's newest resort, scheduled to open today, December 1, is Land's High 1 in Gangwon Province. The resort has 18 trails, more than half of them graded black or double black diamond, served by five chairlifts named after Greek gods (Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Athena and the previously unknown Victoria). Trails are up to 32.3kmn long and total 21km - the vertical drop is 680m.

Land High 1 will operate a train exclusively designed to transport skiers and their equipment between the nation's two major cities--Seoul and Busan--and Jeongseon Station, near the resort. The operators hope the service will appeal to skiers disillusioned by traffic jams that are common at peak periods when heading to the existing ski resorts in Gangwon Province.

Korea is a 2010 Olympic host candidate runner-up and is also a finalist in the decision for host venue for the 2014 Games (to be decided next year).

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