Young Guns 2010

They like chocolate. They are powder junkies. Nominated by their peers, bosses, and former professors, this year’s crop of hot young talent in the ski industry is a varied group, working in such disparate positions as ski patrol, risk management, and marketing. But, like their love of powder and Snickers, they share some common traits: they are hard working, creative, and driven to excellence. Each in his or her own unique way, as the following profiles, in their own words, show.


Sarah Carlstrom,

Assistant Ski Patrol Director,
Pats Peak, New Hampshire

Age: 22

Ski/ride preferences: Snowboard

Ski/ride history: I’ve been snowboarding for about 6 years.

Why she chose ski industry over real job: Where else can you spend half the day looking for things to jump off of?

Greatest job challenge: Trying to look like I am actually working.

Pet peeve: Lift lines. Thankfully we invented the Ski Patrol short-cut line. Only to be used in emergencies, of course.

Greatest mentor: Super Stef.

First real accomplishment: convincing Bob to hire me at Pats Peak.

Latest real accomplishment: convincing Bob to continue hiring me at Pats Peak.

Favorite moment: Watching Ben drop his lunch box on Hurricane and trying to scramble around to pick up his mom’s Tupperware. Thanks, Ben, for the laugh.

Worst moment: See worst crash.

Motto: Work smarter, not harder.

Goal: To see how much duct tape I can put on my gloves before I need a new pair.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Bud Light.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: Big Air = Broken A$$.

Dream ski vacation: B.C. backcountry. When are we going?

Deepest powder day: 8” of pow pow at the peak, watch out now.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: Anything Warren Miller.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Biggest air ever caught: More than I wanted (Once again, see worst crash).

Best finish in a race: I don’t think I’ve finished yet.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: Breaking all the rules I had to follow all season long.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers.

Josh Faber,

General Manager,
Mad River Mountain, Ohio

Age: 27

Ski/ride history: I learned to ski when I was 8 years old, and have never looked back!

Why he chose ski industry over a real job: I used to ask myself this all of the time, especially after college and graduation with a degree in Aviation Management and Flight. But when you enjoy going to work everyday life is great. I tell everybody close to me “it’s a lifestyle, not a job!”

Greatest job challenge: Trying to run an efficient ski area while providing the customer with the best possible product we can offer.

Pet peeve: If you are going to do something, do it to your fullest potential. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

Greatest mentor: I would have to say Tim Boyd, hands down. The overwhelming things he has accomplished over the past 25 years are unbelievable in my eyes.

Latest real accomplishment: I would have to say being transferred here to Mad River Mountain to take over the general manager position.

Favorite après-ski beverage: A cold beer on a sunny deck.

Biggest air ever caught: I don’t think I could pick one out, I do ski our terrain park every day and still try to push myself as much as I can.

Best finish in a race: 2008 Mount Snow Mountain Bike Nationals Downhill and Dual Slalom sport division champion.

Snickers or PowerBar: I hate to say it, Snickers.

Mike Green,

Risk Management, Terrain Park Design & Development,
Chicopee, Ontario

Age: 27

Ski/ride preferences: Ride!

Ski/ride history: Started skiing in ’87. Snowboarding became the new thing to do so I tried it and haven’t stopped since.

Job: Coordinator, risk management, and in charge terrain park design and development. Also, certified with the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) as a Level 2 freeride and a Level 1 freestyle instructor as well as a Level 1 evaluator.

Why he chose ski industry over real job: I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. When I came to a point in my life where I needed to decide what I wanted to do, I couldn’t see myself working in an office 9-5. I thought to myself, “what am I good at?” Well, snowboarding is my passion, but can I make a career out of that? I learned about a program at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario, called Ski Resort Operations. It was an amazing program. I learned so much and the professors there made it a great college experience; it confirmed to me that this is my calling.

Greatest job challenge: One is to make sure that all guests and employees have a safe place to work and play. I can’t really relax till the end of the season when I can look back and say, “We made it.” Another is the design of the two terrain parks. It’s hard to make everyone happy when it comes to terrain park design, but I like to listen to what the local skiers, boarders and staff want and try to make it happen for them. In the end you can’t please everyone, but as long as people are having fun, I’m happy.

Pet peeve: People who are always negative; especially people who work in the snow industry. This is the best industry in the world to work in…enjoy it!

Greatest mentor: My parents, without a doubt. I’ve learned so much about life thanks to my parents and their guidance. I always know that they are in my corner when life is getting me down.

First real accomplishment: I was a rookie instructor at Mount St. Louis/Moonstone and at the year-end staff party I received the Rookie of the Year award for teaching. For someone new to the industry, it was an amazing feeling to be recognized—and a total surprise, too.

Latest real accomplishment: Being in SAM Magazine!

Favorite moment: Anytime I get to hit the slopes, either by myself or with friends or family. It’s always a good time.

Worst moment: When don’t get a chance to hit the slopes.

Motto: “Your world, bud.” You may wonder what that’s all about. The beautiful thing about it is that it can mean anything you want it be. It’s your world, bud. Make it count. Plus, it’s hilarious when you say it in an awkward moment. Try it sometime.

Goal: To still be snowboarding when I’m 80.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Being Canadian, beer, but I like to mix it up once in awhile. Spicy Caesars or an Irish Car Bomb (Guinness, with a shot of Baileys and Jamieson’s Irish Whisky) never hurt. Well, maybe the day after.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: I usually have a bad crash every season, which is funny coming from the health and safety guy. I’m like the perfect example of what not to do. Last season I broke two ribs. So far this year I’m doing pretty well, but it’s only mid season.

Dream ski vacation: My dream is to snowboard on every continent. I’ve been all over North and South America, so its just Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa left. I guess Dubai’s indoor ski hill counts too, so throw the Middle East on that list as well.

Deepest powder day: First time going to Chile. Being from Ontario we don’t see powder, mostly ice. So going from southern Ontario to the Andes Mountains is a huge step up. That was the first time experiencing powder in my life. I don’t know how deep it was, it didn’t really matter at the time, some powder is better than no powder. Can’t wait to go back.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: Chicopee is located in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario, and has about 34 ski able acres with 200 vertical feet with 14 runs and two terrain parks. It’s hard to have a secret spot here when everyone knows where you are at all times, but we’re so fortunate to have a ski hill in an urban center. To answer your question I would say the entire area is a wicked place to ride or ski.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: Forum’s The Resistance. It was the first professional snowboarding movie I’ve bought. I still watch it today. I always wanted to be those guys in the video, but my skills were not there at the time. I credit the Forum team for making me want to be a part of the industry in some form or another.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: The menu here at Chicopee gets better and better every year. The staff does an amazing job of bringing new items to the menu every season. I’m eating a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich while I’m typing this. I recommend it. The apple cinnamon scones are epic, too. Great for dessert or for something to munch on while riding the lift.

Best finish in a race: Never been in a race.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: Meeting up with my friends/staff at the top of the hill and waiting for ski patrol to kick us off. It’s a tradition to try and be the last ones down at the end of the season. Once we’re booted off the hill we meet inside for some drinks and tasty treats; couldn’t think of a better way to polish off a season. For everyone reading this, I’ll see you at the top of the hill this March!

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers is my all-time favorite candy bar. You’ll see me munching on one at work from time to time.

Janet Hutzul,

Event office Lead Hand/Volunteer Coordinator (winter);
Administration Supervisor for Kokanee Crankworx (summer);
Whistler, British Columbia

Age: 24

Ski/ride preferences: Snowboard.

Ski/ride history: Have been riding since 1999.

Why she chose ski industry over real job: Why not? Instead of saving up to travel to a vacation destination, you can live a vacation type life all year round.

Greatest job challenge: Finding off-season event employment.

Pet peeve: It sounds really dorky, but cluttered computer folders.

Greatest mentor: Cate Webster. She’s been my boss for the last five years and has taught me so much.

First real accomplishment: Working with about nine other students in the SRO program to pull off a successful JibFest when none of us had a lick of event experience.

Latest real accomplishment: Winning a “Continuous Excellence Award” at Whistler Blackcomb.

Favorite moment: Snowmobiling in Callaghan Valley on an amazing blue bird day last year.

Worst moment: Most embarrassing moment would have to be falling off the chairlift my first year here. I was getting on the lift and not paying much attention. My board caught an edge and I fell off the chair and caused it to stop. I was working and in uniform at the time. Super embarrassing.

Motto: Don’t really have one, sadly.

Goal: To get a job working on a sporting event tour which will enable me to travel the world while organizing some aspect of the event.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Kokanee (ed: Canadian for beer)

Worst crash while skiing/riding: Can’t really remember a specific crash but every time I’ve tomahawked down the mountain, it was definitely painful...and funny.

Dream ski vacation: Anywhere with powder.

Deepest powder day: 35cms my first year in Whistler.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: It’s not really a secret but I love the Crystal zone on Blackcomb.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: Neverland.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: Taco Salad.

Biggest air ever caught: Oh, probably about four feet of air off a jump I didn’t mean to go that fast over. I’m not really a park rider.

Best finish in a race: Only raced once in an end-of-season staff race. I didn’t finish last so I was stoked.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: Bring some beers up and spend the day hanging out and riding with friends.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers for sure.

John Kelly,

Manager of Lift Operations and Ticket Checking,
Telluride, Colorado

Age: 28

Ski/ride preferences: Alpine Skiing

Ski/ride history: Growing up in Nashville, Tenn., our options were pretty limited. My parents did a great job of taking us to Colorado every couple of winters in addition to a lot of weekend trips to the “mountains” of West Virginia and North Carolina. After a season working as a lift op in Park City out of college I was totally hooked.

Why he chose ski industry over real job: I worked as a Financial Analyst for a year after college, and after working a couple years in the ski industry there really is no comparison between the two. Being around people at work who love what they do and love where they live creates an energy level and positive attitude in the work environment that I never want to leave.

Greatest job challenge: Keeping the staff happy and motivated throughout the whole season.

Pet peeve: When locals or co-workers forget that our guests and tourists are the ones that allow us all to live in these amazing places.

Greatest mentor: My parents. They have been in the same profession for 30 years and they have the same passion for their work as they had on day one. I hope I am that lucky.

First real accomplishment: Learning how to effectively manage three different departments in the past three seasons has been both challenging and rewarding. Being surrounded by the great boss that I have and some amazing supervisors in each department has made this possible.

Latest real accomplishment: Bringing together a staff of 100 people at the beginning of the winter, getting the group trained, organized, and ready to operate 18 lifts in a four-month span is always a challenge. We have an incredible staff this winter, which has made this the best, most enjoyable season as a manager yet!

Favorite moment: It happens every winter at some point, but I absolutely love being able to witness a group of people who were recently strangers come together to work as a team, become friends, and create some incredible experiences in just one season.

Worst moment: You never know what can happen on the mountain. It is never a good day when an employee or guest gets seriously injured on the mountain.

Motto: You have to truly care and give respect to those people around you to be able to expect either of those things in return.

Goal: Seasonal jobs in amazing places have been some of my greatest experiences throughout life. My goal is to give our staff the same amazing experience in Telluride each year so that they are hooked on this lifestyle as much as I am.

Favorite après-ski beverage: A good ole Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: When I was 14, I was racing a friend down the mountain at the end of the day. As we both crossed our makeshift finish line we turned into each other creating a full on yard sale for the crowded base lodge to witness.

Dream ski vacation: Heli skiing in Alaska or British Columbia.

Deepest powder day: Telluride had a record snowfall two winters ago. Luckily, I had the day off after about a two-foot storm hit the night before and blue skies that morning. It was one of those days where you just can’t help yourself from laughing and smiling all day long.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: In the trees and chutes coming out of Black Iron Bowl.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: Aspen Extreme.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: Either the black bean sauté or some good ole chili at Guiseppe’s Restaurant.

Biggest air ever caught: Whenever it happened, it was not on purpose.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: I’m usually working and spending that last with the staff. If I am not working I would spend it getting in a couple last runs with good friends, followed up by some music and a cold beverage at Gorrono Ranch.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers

Pat Morgan,

Terrain Park Manager / Youth Marketing Specialist,
Holiday Valley Resort, New York

Age: 28

Ski/ride preferences: Sliding sideways downhill in a regular fashion, running hot laps with a crew in the park.

Ski/ride history: Riding since I was 13, started as an instructor at HoliMont, went on to start their freestyle snowboard team and training programs, coaching USASA local and National contests, went on to run Forum Youngblood Contest Series in North America, winding up at Holiday Valley doing events, marketing, etc...

Why he chose ski industry over real job: Wait, this isn’t a real job? Then why do I work so much? I don’t know if I chose it, it just sorta happened. Once college was over, one job led to another, and now here I am. It’s pretty great having all my “real job” friends grumble at me from their cubicle about how much fun I’m having.

Greatest job challenge: Always trying to figure out what’s next, trying to stay ahead of the game and forge new paths, be it in either creative marketing or event concepts, or coming up with ways to maximize on-hill resources without hurting the bottom line too much.

Pet peeve: Tall tee mania, young riders who don’t respect the sport and its beginnings, and fail to see the big picture. All you can do is keep trying to educate and inform them, and hope they’ll buy into what you’re trying to do. Oh, and I can’t stand rad dads and soccer moms wrecking the sport for young riders with unrealistic pressure.

Greatest mentor: A few: my parents, Dan McNamara, Josh Greene, Bonnie Koschir.

First real accomplishment: Getting the opportunity to travel all over North America running the Youngblood series, allowing me to make friends and build relationships all over the industry, maintaining them to this day. There’s nothing better than knowing you won’t be riding alone no matter where you travel, and you’ll always have resources to get the job done.

Latest real accomplishment: Pulling off a high caliber snowboard event (Red Bull Buttercup) in downtown Niagara Falls in the middle of July. Not easy.

Favorite moment: Planning and designing events like Red Bull Rhythm Section, Red Bull Buttercup, and making them go off.

Worst moment: Trying to run an event at an unnamed resort, with hostile parents, a maxed-out rider cap, boilerplate night conditions, and prizes that got “lost” in transit.

Motto: Have as much fun as possible.

Goal: Just keep doing what we’re doing, building an event- and marketing-driven think tank.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Red Bull Vodka or a Happy Meal (PBR and a shot of Jager).

Worst crash while skiing/riding: knocking on wood as we speak.

Dream ski vacation: Somewhere Down Under, or some sort of west coast swing hitting Colorado, Utah and California.

Deepest powder day: Still have yet to have one.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: If I told you, then you’d blow up our spot, you know management reads this, right?

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: That’s It, That’s All, True Life, Subjekt Haakonsen.

Biggest air ever caught: Nothing to report here!

Best finish in a race: Never was much of a racer.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: hiking the park in the a.m., playing the Front 9 in the afternoon.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers! What can I say, I like her fist pumping ways.

John Henry Oates,

Snow Cat Operator and Slashing Crew Supervisor
Silver Star Mountain Resort, British Columbia

Age: 26

Ski/ride preferences: Ride.

Ski/ride history: skied two seasons when I was very young, then grew up playing hockey. Stopped playing hockey and have been riding now for seven seasons.

Why he chose ski industry over real job: Awesome people and awesome places. Can’t stand being stuck inside.

Greatest job challenge: Spring conditions.

Pet peeve: Laziness and inattention to detail.

Greatest mentor: Personal: my grandfather; Professional: Rob Butler.

First real accomplishment: Building Georgian College’s JibFest 2006.

Latest real accomplishment: Making this list!

Favorite moment: Too many to mention.

Worst moment: Working an overnight snowmaking shift and getting my snowmobile stuck under a wet gun through what I later learned was pneumonia.

Motto: If you don’t enjoy what you do, you’re doing the wrong thing.

Goal: To do what I love and love what I do.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Ice-cold Vitamin P.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: Overshot a landing in the park and landed flat on my tailbone.

Dream ski vacation: Heli-riding with the boys in AK.

Deepest powder day: 50 cms.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: This year, Outdoor Graduation by Voleurz.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: Long John Burger and Caesar salad.

Biggest air ever caught: an unexpected 75 feet off a knoll. I didn’t stomp it but the ladies at the bottom of the pitch gave me a “10.”

Best finish in a race: Sometimes I’m first to the shop for fuel in the morning.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: Shreddin’ hard till noon then hanging out in a sun pit with friends up on Attridge. Après at Long John’s, then the Saloon.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers!

William Ringenoldus III,

General Manager
Nordic Mountain, Wisconsin

Age: 29

Ski/ride preferences: Ski.

Ski/ride history: 24 years.

Why he chose ski industry over real job: The ski industry is not a real job. Where else can you work 100 hours a week but only get paid for 40—and not mind? I love the ski industry. Nothing is better than when a costumer sends you an email saying how much they loved your resort and can’t wait to come back. That makes it all worthwhile.

Greatest job challenge: Turning a disgruntled customer into a happy customer.

Pet peeve: Employees that don’t put 110 percent into their work.

Greatest mentor: My dad. He made me the hard worker I am today.

First real accomplishment: Being told by the owner that I was doing a good job.

Latest real accomplishment: Receiving this honor.

Favorite moment: Sitting in the bar having a conversation with a family and the mom told her son, “See, if you work hard, you could be successful at a young age.”

Worst moment: When I had to fire an employee.

Motto: Work hard, play hard.

Goal: To make Nordic Mountain the best ski area around.

Favorite après-ski beverage: A good cold beer.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: At Big Sky, Montana, I went head over heels and lost my ski, it took an hour to find it.

Dream ski vacation: Any resort that could guarantee 4 feet or more of powder.

Deepest powder day: Big Sky, about 3 feet of powder with no other tracks and a bowl to ourselves.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: A couple of nice lines in our glade runs.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: Aspen Extreme, it is a classic.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: I am a big fan of the Philly that we make in Nordy’s Pub.

Biggest air ever caught: I try to stay on the ground.

Best finish in a race: Never did much racing.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: On the hill skiing with customers and going across the pond.

Snickers or PowerBar: Definitely a Snickers.

John Slaughter,

Director of Marketing
Boreal, California

Age: 28

Ski/ride preferences: Snowboard.

Ski/ride history: Skied for five years, snowboarding for 12 years. Started skiing in Tahoe, then moved to N.C. Took up snowboarding in N.C. and W.V., then found my way back to Tahoe.

Why he chose ski industry over real job: Why not! I have always worked in the tourism industry and I love snowboarding, so it was a natural fit. After seven years in the industry I am still as passionate about riding as I was on day one.

Greatest job challenge: The constantly changing technology, especially social media. I try to stay on top of this stuff, but a new site pops up daily. Another challenge that I embrace is the small marketing department here at Boreal. I only have two people plus myself working in marketing and sales, so we do a lot. But, it’s great because I have been able to dabble in all aspects of marketing.

Pet peeve: The saying, “You’re a good guy, I don’t care what XXX says about you.” That saying needs to retire.

Greatest mentor: I have two. First, Jody Churich, the GM here at Boreal. Jody has been my boss from the beginning and has been instrumental in my development as a marketing professional. Once Jody was promoted to GM, she guided me as I stumbled thru my first season. But, Jody showed confidence and trusted that I would be successful.

My second mentor would be Patricia Voli, my marketing professor from UNC-W. Her enthusiasm for teaching is what got me excited about marketing from the beginning. I didn’t miss a single class, even if the surf was up.

First real accomplishment: It would have to been getting my internship project approved while working at Northstar. I created a skier safety program to educate skiers and riders whom were not taking lessons about the responsibility code and more. I presented the program to the GM, mountain manger and to marketing, and within one week I was transferred to the skier safety crew. I got to ride everyday for the rest of the season, and conduct my program on weekends. I had the chance to speak with “newbies” on a daily basis and teach them about the sport I love.

Latest real accomplishment: Developing and managing the 1-2-3 Ride Free Program here at Boreal. The new program has been extremely successful bringing Boreal’s ski school retention from 6 percent to 27 percent in the month of December. We are developing skiers and riders, and hopefully converting them into lifetime enthusiasts. It have been very rewarding taking on such an important program and ensuring that all components are working together to make it a success.

Favorite moment: The day my fiancé said, “I do.”

Worst moment: Never a worst moment, just some days are better than others.

Motto: You can’t spell Slaughter without laughter.

Goal: See dream ski vacation.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Guinness.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: A couple seasons ago, I dropped into the pipe, took one hit, then started to head into my backside wall, lost my balance and flew headfirst into the wall. Then last season, shattered my wrist. I have decided that jibbing is not my thing.

Dream ski vacation: Heli-trip in AK. Any true freerider’s dream.

Deepest powder day: Living in Tahoe, we are fortunate to enjoy many deep pw days. One that sticks out was my second you out here, riding at Alpine Meadows. I dropped off Idiot’s Delights and came to a screeching halt on about a 30-degree pitch, because the snow was so deep. We have a 10-foot-plus storm on the way, so I might have a new story after this week.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: If I told you it would not be a secret.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: “That’s It, That’s All.” It has now set the bar for all movies to be compared.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: Smashed PBJ from your pocket after riding with it all day.

Biggest air ever caught: Not too big. Dropping 30 footers these days. Working on going bigger in the pipe.

Best finish in a race: Not a racer, so first and last, I guess.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: At the end of the day, ride the Accelerator up to the top of the mountain and ride a saucer down. It’s a Boreal tradition. Then go to the Boreal bar and enjoy some beverages. Lastly, get home and rest up, because now that work is done, I have lots of boarding in my future.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers.

Daidre Streeter,

Assistant Office Manager,
Hoodoo, Oregon

Age: 29

Ski/ride preferences: Was a skier growing up. I am now a snowbiker for life!

Ski/ride history: Grew up going to Mt. Hood Meadows, Ski Bowl and Timberline almost every weekend, some of my best childhood memories.

Why she chose ski industry over real job: I have always wanted to work for a ski area. I love the atmosphere and the people. My office view isn’t so bad, either. I am livin’ the dream.

Greatest job challenge: Winning back the Employee Department Costume Cup from the rental department at Winter Carnival in February.

Pet peeve: Guests who really believe that we can control the weather and the conditions.

Greatest mentor: Brynne Beverly, Hoodoo office manager, the woman behind it all, has taught me everything I know about working in the ski industry, and look at me now! Enough said.

First real accomplishment: Becoming a spokesperson for the Red Cross Blood Drive.

Latest accomplishment: Going from a seasonal position to a full-time year-round position with Hoodoo.

Favorite moment: When my buddy Jerome, Hoodoo autobahn manager, took the time to teach me to snowbike. I felt like a little girl riding her bike for the first time! Oh, and when Glen Plake showed up in his tricked out RV to ride Hoodoo!

Worst moment: I learned the hard way about owner Chuck Shepard’s employee parking policy. He is very passionate about where employees need to park—and not park.

Motto: Cry a river, build a bridge, get over it!

Goal: Live my life the way I want to.

Favorite après-ski beverage: Hoodoo Voodoo IPA from Three Creeks Brewery in Sisters. Yes, we have a beer named after us.

Worst crash while skiing/riding: Bombing down the mountain on a snowbike when someone yelled from the chair lift and I looked up. Started a death wobble and went over the handlebars. Ouch!

Dream ski vacation: Whistler would be nice. Just to go on a vacation would be nice.

Deepest powder day: New Years Eve 2009.

Best secret spot to ski or ride on your mountain: I would tell you, but then you would know.

Favorite ski/snowboard movie: Better off Dead.

Best thing to eat for lunch while working on the mountain: Matt’s famous Fish Tacos!

Biggest air ever caught: Haven’t caught any yet.

Best finish in a race: Never raced.

Best way to spend the last day of the season at home mountain: On our last day of operation is the employee party. The managers run the lifts and we ride and play all day, we have the whole mountain to ourselves. We lie in the sun and skim the pond! Great way end to the season.

Snickers or PowerBar: Snickers satisfies.