May 1996

  • Environmental Regulation-- Its Future
    In an era of regulatory reform, the ski industry should take an active role in improving environmental regulation, both individually and through national, regional and state associations.

  • Ethnic Marketing
    Northstar-at-Tahoe finds that targeting the dynamic Asian-American market in the San Francisco Bay area is well worth the effort.

  • What Do Teenagers Want?
    In the experience of several ski areas, the growing number of teenagers can be successfully wowed and won with tested techniques.

  • Future Law
    There is legislative work to be done after the recent dismissal of some skier safety statutes. Though there will never be a clear answer to the ski industry's "liability problem," the future looks pretty good.

  • Future Insurance
    Consolidation is affecting the insurance marketplace, which could result in benefits for entities seeking coverage. But, risk retention may be a key strategy for ski areas.

  • Dc Drives: Shortening The Overhaul Cycle
    An in-depth guide to DC motor design and operation outlining proper care which can save money during the average 30-year life of a ski lift by reducing the number of necessary overhauls.

  • Design Awards
    Features two winners of the Snow Country Design Awards: White Salmon Day Lodge at Mt. Baker, Washington, and the Canadian Alpine Centre and International Hostel at Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

  • Crisis Before Christmas
    A December storm with high winds and heavy snowfall crippled a key lift at Squaw Valley, California, but with all hands working, replacement parts available and a little luck, it was back in service in two weeks.

  • A Taste Of French Skiing
    American ski resort personnel visit several French resorts, see their equipment in action, test the facilities and hear lectures by experts on topics relating to French snow and mountains, then give their impressions and make comparisons with North American resorts.

  • Kirkwood--The Turnaround Kid
    The story of how this Lake Tahoe resort, Kirkwood, rose from the ashes with an infusion of money and vision, becoming a hot real estate prospect as skiing improves.

  • Grooming Vehicles 1996
    A rundown of developments in the North American on-snow grooming vehicle market, including a table with specifications for available machines.

  • Tough Choices For Yan Detachable Owners
    An analysis of the events surrounding the future of Lift Engineering and its Yan detachables, as well as options available to resorts currently operating Yan lifts.

  • Credibility Gets Blasted
    A panel of ski marketers and writers answer questions about credibility --or lack thereof--in the ski business at a meeting of the Eastern Ski Writer's Association.

  • Mountain Mowing
    Tom Moriarty of Stratton, Vt., gets the groomer out of the garage in the summer by adding modifications which allow it to mow grass as well.

  • Roundabouts Solve Traffic Problems
    Annoyed by an intersection that increasingly impeded traffic at the gateway to Vail, community members solved their problem with roundabouts.

  • International Resort Gathering
    A summary of topics covered at the 1st International Convention of Ski Resort Managers in Courchevel, France.

  • More Rental Super-Sidecuts Available
    Though availability is no longer a problem as most ski factories now build shaped skis for rental use, the bad news is that few are set up to build them at rental prices.

  • Quo Vadis, Associations?
    Regional and state ski areas associations need to see themselves as catalysts for collective action.

  • Maybe The Message Is Flow
    A review of the book "FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience," by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, relating its message to skiing.

  • Winter Is Cool, Downhilling Hip
    In order to be successful in selling more people on various winter sport recreation options, the industry must first sell the public on winter and mountains as a romantic, aesthetic and healthy alternative to warm climates.

  • Cliff Blann-- A Ski Family Remembers
    An obituary for a ski industry pioneer, Cliff Blann of Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.