May 2000

  • Developing Nordic Trails at Alpine Resorts
    Wiesel's article points out that when alpine resorts want to benefit from the earning potential of ancillary cross-country centers, they need to be planned carefully and promoted well. In effect, a well-staffed and supported facility can help the bottom line. The article provides examples of good operations and some figures relating to visits.

  • Industry Reports
    Gillett steps down and takes Targhee with him; Mammoth to operate Gotcha Glacier; New Resort for B.C. (Kicking Horse); No more free skiing at Crested Butte; Mountain High's East Resort opens; Correction to 1999 Lift Survey (Remonte-Pente Schippers Lift, Inc.); Summit County interconnect possibility; Winter Park expects to miss lease payment; Indian community to buy Mount Frontenac; Disabled ski team stays; equipment sales surge late after slow start; wrinkles for new michigan resort (Mount Bohemia); Intrawest and Vail get new heads (Rice and McCarthy); people; supplier news.

  • 1998-1999 Economic Analysis
    The economic analysis for the previous season showed profitability to be down in the Rockies and up everywhere else. Wide variations in snowfall and spotty early-season conditions were major factors in determining who made money and who lost it. The article compares current numbers to the 1997-1998 results of the report prepared jointly by the NSAA and RRC Associates.

  • Who Visited This Season?
    This article summarizes the National Skier/Boarder Opinion Survey for the 1999-2000 season. It indicates trends, dissects demographics, addresses the marketing that attracted guests and looks into the future.

  • Greening the Sundeck
    This is a profile of the economically-built and ecologically sound design of Aspen's new summit lodge, the Sundeck. From deconstructing the old building (grinding insulation and wallboard for mulch and reclaiming old fixtures, windows and beams) to employing energy-saving devices and design in the new structure, Aspen saved money and was awarded the distinction of having one of the first buildings in the country pioneering an effort to standardize building techniques and materials that are resource-efficient.

  • Turnaround: Pisten Bully versus Lift Tower
    This is a description of the repair of a lift tower at Brodie Mountain, Mass. a twisted, open-frame tower was pulled back into alignment using a groomer, snatch block and dynamometer. This piece details precautions to take.

  • Intrawest: A Rental Profile
    Intrawest is revising its rental shops for better margins and service through the use of "Pods" where customers sit and shop personnel bring gear for fitting. The rental shops also include a retail segment for better profit margins. The piece also includes a sidebar on the building of a temporary base villageÑthe Phoenix ProjectÑat Mountain Creek, N.J. after its base lodge burned to the ground in October of 1999.

  • Seth Says: On-line Auction of Ski Lessons
    Seth interviews his friend Slats Grabski in this tongue-in-cheek look at how auctioning lift tickets and lesson on-line could lead to some big profits.

  • The Double Swivel Chair: A Trend to Nowhere
    The story is a history of Karl Ringer's Swivel Double Chair that had a seat that opened in the middle and swiveled past passengers left standing upon unloading. A chronolgy of the short-lived Ringer lift is included.

  • Letters tot he editor
    Letter taking exception with an End Page piece (January 2000) on a multiple-lift tower at Les Menuires, FRance. And a letter clarifying two photos in End Page (November 1999) on winding a drum with a suspended ATV and using threaded lengths of steel to align a lift tower.

  • Grooming Vehicles 2000
    The article is a roundup of the offerings from vehicle manufacturers for the upcoming season. New models are described and specifications are outlined in a table. Manufacturers covered include Tucker, Kassbohrer (Pisten Bully) and Bombardier. A sidebar describes SnowScan, a new Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) device that measures snow depth under vehicles.

  • Construction Site
    Two projects are featured: A snowmaking pond built by Brodie Mountain, Mass. and various improvements made at Snowbasin, Utah, in anticipation of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

  • NSAA's Poster Contest Gets Kids Involved
    This is a one-page layout of some of the winning posters from the NSAA's inaugural safety poster contest that targeted kids. It drew 148 entries from 26 states that illustrated one of the seven points detailed in "Your Responsibility Code."

  • SAM Idea Files
    Handmade kiddie waterslides at Wild Mountain, Minn.; Apple picker ladders as rescue ladders at Shanty Creek, Mich.; Sprayable concrete to resist erosion trouble at Massanutten Resort, Va.

  • Summer Toys Provide Off-Season Thrills
    This is a roundup of scooters, mountain skate boards and downhill go carts available to summer operations interested in adding profit drivers. They are available as rental toys for guests looking to add a little variety to their summer mountain vacations.

  • Blue Pages
    Subjects, by subhead: Criminal Charges in Skiing Death (Nathan Hall case in Colorado re: Vail employess crashing into and killing Alan Cobb); World Cup Turns into Austria Cup (musings on that nation's recent dominance); Changes Ahead for Terrain Features? (re: legal ramifications of features); Life With the Now "Threatened" Lynx; Colorado vs. Utah--The Dance Goes On; Aspen Chooses Lonely Position on Alt D (re: their favorable view of the Forest Service's Alternative D draft management plan for the White River National Forest); Big Chief Ignores Squaw Law (Big Squaw Mountain Resort, Maine's, un-PC name); Sports Participation is Down; H. Devereaux Jennings--1925-2000 (death notice).

  • Snowmaking Goes High-Tech
    This part II in a series of articles on automation. The article describes how automated snowmaking systems are making a major contribution to the technical revolution taking place at ski resorts. It offers examples of systems, the pros and cons and provides a summary of opinion from resort managers.

  • Late Starts, Great Finishes
    This regional roundup looks at the 1999-2000 season from coast to coast.

  • ANSI B77 is 40: A BRief History
    This article looks at the framers and development of the ANSI lift standards (originally called the ASA Code) written by the B77 Committee on its 40th anniversary.

  • Cuck Lewis-Remembering a Leader
    This remembrance of Chuck Lewis, a successful skiing renaissance man, touched on his many talents and the fact he was both the subject of a SAM cover story in the fall of 1972 as well as a frequent contributor to the magazine.

  • X-C Detailed Guidebook
    This is a review of Jonathan Wiesel's book "Cross-Country Ski Vacations" as it relates to acting as a blueprint for ski resorts interested in designing and running good cross-country ski centers.

  • Charles Beebe-A True Pioneer
    Beebe, who died in February 2000 at 91, was a ski area founder who participated on the original B77 Committee that started work on lift standards.

  • Sinage: Creating a Visual Identity
    This article explains the concept of creating a visual identity and how it relates to signage to help the guest get to where he wants to go. It also deals with the myriad sign requirements dealt with by areas who have to answer to federal, state and local government agencies.

  • Marketing-Not Magic Bulletts
    Brink, a vp of marketing for ASC, argues against discounting ski passes. While segmented pricing strategies are useful, he says the real need is for a strong marketing push to show people what skiing and boarding can do for them.

  • Ski News From Around the World
    End of segregated skiing in Iran; Engelberg open year-round (Switzerland); Six-seater chair opened in Russia; War between Frens ski school and instructors with British qualifications intensifies; New resort village at Falls Creek (Australia).

  • What's Wrong With Biodiversity?
    The vp and general counsel of Aspen Skiing Co. explains why his resort supports the White River National Forest management plan Alternative D.

  • Our New SAMMT Winners; A Sister for SAM
    Two memos: One announcing the 2000 SAMMY Award winners: Karyn Thorr, Joe Stevens, Greg Murtha and Matt Mosteller. The second announcing a new Beardsley Publishing magazine: Stable Management.

  • cover
    The cover image is an entry from the NSAA's children's safety poster contest. The colorful rendition of a snowboarder wearing a helmet calls attention to a national contest that drew 148 entires. Winning entries were printed on page 71.