November 2005

November 2005

  • Construction Site
    It was a busy summer as a new area comes on line and more real estate and new terrain will greet this winter's guests.

  • Toward a Colorful Future
    How are areas tackling the emerging markets that will make up the new majority? Three areas talk about their plans.

  • What's in Your Park?
    This look at the latest and greatest ideas in freestyle elements is more than just a round-up-it's a contest with prizes at stake.

  • What's New?
    Toboggan run, bowling alley, recreational luge system, goggles, wax, custom insoles, backpack, footbed, ski/snowboard covers, snowboards, skis, boots, soup kettle, blender, vests, tool organizer, area clothing, outdoor heating, self-service ticketing, signs, insurance, weather station, shrink wrap, payment processing, snow guns, tire traction system, digital calipers, cell phone charger.

  • Playing It Safe
    As preparations begin for what will, hopefully, be a great season, here are some tips on keeping the guests in your park safe and happy.

  • SAM Idea Files
    A stop gate, tubing class, and a rail lift are some of the great ideas from creative ski resorts.

  • The Print Report Card
    As fall rolls around, so do the big issues of consumer ski magazines. Are they doing their job? And who is reading them?

  • Speak-Out
    On-Line Media Kits: Readers Respond. A Proud Sister, by Jennifer Rowan. Turning Kids into WinterKids by Rick Kahl.

  • Clearing the Air on Sustainable Slopes
    Is NSAA's Sustainable Slopes making a difference? Some say yes, some say no. And changes are on the way.

  • Industry Reports
    Mammoth Sold... Prinoth and Camoplast Join Forces... NSAA Moves Convention... Spirit and Welch Team Up... Silverton Gets Unguided Skiing... Wisconsin Starts Passport Program... Royal Gorge Sold... People... Supplier News... Supplier People

  • Under a (Gas) Cloud
    The prospect of high energy prices has resorts making all kids of plans.

  • Getting into The Games
    With U.S. hopes riding high for the 2006 Olympics, the USST is inviting resorts to be part of the action.

  • Champagne Taste
    A slow but monumental change is shifting the balance away from basic fleet rentals toward demo and high performance gear.

  • Getting on the Same Page
    With the winter season fast approaching, it's time to revisit the R word.

  • Big Battle at Lolo Peak
    Rancher Tom Maclay has cut a dozen trails for his proposed blockbuster Bitterroot Resort. But will his sweet dream turn sour?

  • Adjusting the Belt
    Conveyor lifts have evolved quickly in the past 15 years-as has their operating and maintenance guidelines.