September 2002

  • Industry Report
    Snow Summit buys Bear, Seven Springs Family Feud, and other industry news.

  • A Man of the Moment
    An interview with the new NSAA chair, Rob Kautz. Where does he think the ski industry should focus its efforts?

  • Sliding into Bigger Profits
    Snowboarding company Burton is hitting the slopes with specialized gear and training methods to help beginners into the sport.

  • Flipping Over Winches
    Believe it or not, there is an easy way to flip the winch cable--and it's cheap and fast.

  • What's New?
    A round up of new products for the upcoming season: Shoe traction device, traffic vest, reservation software, snowmaking additive, absorbant mats, cheery plants stands, personal security system, improved barricade tape, hotel security electronic lock, wireless accessory drive in 2 way radios, braille-based signage, valve sizing and specification software, 2 and 4 pair boot and glove dryers, attachable footrest for chairlifts.

  • Snare Employees on the Web
    With employees becoming increasingly difficult to find, ski resorts are forced to find innovative ways to attract workers. Why not try the web?

  • Construction Site
    One of the last single chairs in operation makes its exit and some big expansions are started in construction projects across the contient.

  • SAM Idea Files
    Ski chairs, snowboard markers and unique stools are some of the great ideas from creative ski resorts.

  • The End Page
    The fires at Heavenly Resort.

  • Is the Winter World Flat?
    A global survey of ski industry conditions shows that the U.S. is a world apart.

  • Get Personal with Your Guests
    Create more memorable experiences for your guests by giving them exactly what they want.

  • Color It Fun
    Keep kids busy, teach them about safety, and make it fun with a new coloring book for winter resorts.

  • Tune Up Your Rental Gear
    Pre-season maintenance helps ensure that your rental fleet is ready to roll when the snow flies.

  • Food for Thought
    With sales of organic food on the rise and no-sugar diets gaining in popularity, is it time to rethink the menu in the resort food court?

  • Risky Business
    Discounted season passes are supposed to spark interest in skiing and boarding, renew lapsed partcipants and increase revenues. Are they succeeding?

  • Blue Pages
    Insurance: A perfect Storm, Throwing the Book at Ski Corporations, FIS Joins the 21st Century, Monster Breakthrough, No More Whining about 9/11, Short Turns.

  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road
    This summer, winter resorts took the advantage of Americans' desire to stay close to home.

  • Speak-Out
    1924 Pete Seibert 2002 An Appreciation, Gordon Dewey of Hedco, 79, A Cultural Challange, Snow Kings of the Hill.