March 2018


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Mentors Blaise Carrig and John Rice dish on sizing up problems and identifying the best way to solve them. Part II of the SAM Summit Series.

SnoCountry's Chuck Devine

Our Mountain Spy asks a question on accessing Wi-Fi.

Groomer Report 2018

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An inside look at the newest features and technology in groomers and the software programs that help manage them.

Frozen Assets

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Ice—yes, ice—can be a winter resort's year-round best friend. Just keep it confined to an ice rink.

Valuable Resources

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Mining for nuggets in the NSAA Economic Analysis and Kottke Report.

Seeing the Light

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LED and Snow-Bright systems are changing the game in night skiing.

Doing Business Sustainably

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Taos Ski Valley has found multiple benefits in the triple bottom line.

Gear for the Resort World

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Diverse and suitable products we saw at the OR + Snow Show.

Move Over, Adrenaline

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Cross-country, mountain biking's relaxed cousin, hits the resort trail.

Publisher's Memo :: March 2018

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Finding good people... Nominate a SAMMY or 10-Under-30

On the Road :: March 2018

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Scenes from NSAA winter shows, ACCT Conference, and OR + Snow Show.

News & Views :: March 2018

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IKON Pass rumors, OR + Snow Show, plus supplier and people news.

Build a Better Workplace

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Four steps to improve your workplace culture—for everyone—and boost the bottom line.

Making a Bad Situation Great

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SAM’s new mentor program, the Summit Series, challenges aspiring leaders to recognize and deal with real-world workplace problems. Here’s one “homework assignment.”

Increasing Beginner Conversion

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Research and recommendations to help understand your learn-to audience and fine-tune your offerings for it.

Riding the Olympic Wave?

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Despite an expected spike in visibility and interest from the Winter Games, resorts weren’t planning extraordinary measures to channel that awareness into trial.

Idea Files :: March 2018

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Liftie chair, emergency lights, and a portable lift control station.