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The I AM a Snowmaker Campaign highlights the hard work, determination and camaraderie of snowmakers, and recognizes how critical they are to the success of our industry. The I AM was started in the winter of 2013-2014, and has since had various forms, all in keeping with this mission. This year, the I AM will feature 6 snowmaking crews from around North America and tasks each with creating a video documenting how they prepare their mountain and crew for the season ahead and the all important first “gun-runs” of the winter. Here is your opportunity to flex your marketing muscle and at the same time pay homage to your snowmaking crew. Through video and story, share with others why your crew should be among the chosen six. The six nominated crews will be announced in October and will have the beginning of the snowmaking season to film and produce their videos. The final videos will be released in the new year and the industry will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite video and crew. Thanks for supporting snowmakers and keeping our winters white.

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Need Inspiration?

Check out the winning team's video from 2016 or read up on snowmaking terminology.


Snowmakers across the country seem to have their own lingo for their product. Wouldn't it be nice if we all spoke the same language?