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Lumina Enchanted Night Walks: Immersive, Year-Round Experiences

Through the success of Lumina Night Walks, mountain resort and outdoor activity operators have successfully created multim...


How Sprung Structures Help to Generate Year-Round Revenue

For businesses that earn the bulk of their revenue from snow and cold weather, is it possible to remain profitable without eit...

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The 2022 SAMMY Leadership Award Honorees

SAM Magazine—Natick, Mass., April 1, 2022—The four individuals being recognized with 2022 SAMMY Leadership Awards symboliz...

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March 2022

2022 Groomer Report

Recent updates and improvements have made grooming machines more powerful and comfortable, and sof...

March 2022

The Kids Are Alright

Applying winter strategies to bike park learning programs is a recipe for success.

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March 2022

Luxury Gone Wild

The growth in popularity of glamping, a.k.a. glamorous camping, cannot be ignored. Learn from resorts that are maki...

March 2022

Culture, Care, Compensation

It’s complicated, of course, but there are many concrete steps resorts can take to overcome staffing challenges...

January 2022

Fire on the Mountain

Sierra-at-Tahoe GM John Rice reflects on the devastating Caldor Fire, the hard lessons learned, and what's next for the resort...

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