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Thinking summer? We thought you might appreciate some articles from our sister publication, Adventure Park Insider, to help keep your summer business operating smoothly and successfully. Want more? Check out the SAM Digital Archives and search "summer" or and join us for the 11th annual Summer Ops Camp in Gatlinburg, September 3-5, 2019.



Gatlingburg, Tenn., September 3-5
Registration is open for SAM's 11th annual Summer Ops Camp, a series of seminars, workshops and site visits that explore the state of the art in summer operations.

no kidding around

No Kidding Around

If your business operations include welcoming and working with children, you must be diligent and step up your standard of care. Working with kids requires special efforts.

evac toolsEvacuation Tools

As with any negative situation your park faces, having a plan in place and the right equipment and educated staff on hand is critical.

educational opportunityAn Educational Opportunity

In a world where urban dwellers are becoming less connected to the outdoor environment, adventure parks provide a way for people to connect with nature.

Nothing but net

Nothing But Net

Netting is having a moment. High-throughput, belay-free, net-based aerial adventures are popping up all over North America.


Everyone Wants to be a Ninja

Ninja courses are beginning to pop up in a host of different types of facilities and properties from coast to coast.

putting it all together

Putting It All Together

Detailed planning, though, can minimize the surprises and disruptions. It’s always what you don’t know you don’t know that causes problems.

Say cheese

Say Cheese

We asked a few suppliers and operators for their take on the questions we think are central to the discussion. As it is, the following presents plenty of food for thought.