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  • Snowmaking Articles

    Snowmaking Articles

    Peruse the SAM archives for an abundance of snowmaking content.
  • I AM a Snowmaker

    I AM a Snowmaker

    Eight teams have been chosen for this season's I AM a Snowmaker contest. Check out thier videos and vote today!
  • Mountain Ops PodSAM Podcast

    Mountain Ops PodSAM Podcast

    We discussed burnout and moving teams forward in our mountain ops Huddle. Listen to the discussion on PodSAM with added commentary from leadership expert, Paul Thallner.
  • Looking for a new gig?

    Looking for a new gig?

    Check out snowmaking and mountain ops job openings or peruse snowmaking parts for sale.

Snowmaking has only grown in importance at resorts across the globe as weather patterns vary and capacity needs change. Here in the Snowmaking Mountain Department, you'll find articles about efficiency, mountain ops management, software, team-building, pumps and compressors, snow planning, and much more. Plus, find job openings and opportunities to further your career


Snowmaking Articles

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HKD I AM Header Team

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The I AM a Snowmaker contest highlights the hard work, determination and camaraderie of snowmakers, and recognizes their critical contributions to the alpine, Nordic, snowboard, and winter tubing industry. Eight teams have  been chosen for this season's I AM a Snowmaker contest. This year’s competing teams were challenged to produce a “day in the life" video that captures the heart and soul of their snowmaking team. They showcase how snowmakers' contributions result in personal development and the overall success of the mountain. 

View all eight 2024 videos and vote through February 2: www.saminfo.com/i-am-a-snowmaker.



  • Struggling with staffing, motivating your team, or maintaining a positive outlook? Listen to our "Moving Mountain Operations Forward" Huddle on PodSAM, where we discuss burnout, staffing, and so much more. Organizational development expert Paul Thallner also chimes in with tips for managers to help keep their staff (and themselves) focused, happy, and productive. Check out all of our Huddle podcasts at saminfo.com/podSAM

  • Look for jobs in snowmaking and mountain ops with resorts, suppliers, and other related businesses around the world. saminfo.com/classifieds