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A good lift mechanic is hard to find. Leitner-Poma of America wants to help the industry rise up to the challenge of supporting the next generation of lift mechanics.


Up-and-comer in lift departments across North America have been nominated to exemplify a passion for a career in lift maintenance.

The nomination period has ended and we will be announcing final contenders soon! 

Nominees and their teams will soon be chosen to create videos exemplifying their passion for lift maintenance and educating the next generation. Videos will be shared in Summer 2021 and members of the industry will get to vote for their favorite, sending a future lift maintenance professional to a training event. The winners will receive a lift maintenance education grant valued at $3,500, a mention in SAM magazine and, of course, bragging rights for having the best lift maintenance team.



"A resorts lift infrastructure is truly the lifeblood and foundation for all operations and a cornerstone of customer experience and satisfaction. As a supplier we are committed to helping the industry foster and develop the absolute best technicians possible to support this infrastructure. This program has been long overdue in recognizing the best of the best."

- Daren Cole, President, Leitner-Poma of America


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