Push to The Latest: No

HKDIAMbannerThank you to everyone that nominated their snowmaking team for the 7th Annual I AM A Snowmaker!

The mission of the I AM contest is to highlight the hard work, determination and camaraderie of snowmakers, and recognize how critical they are to the success of the mountain resort industry.

This season the I AM is celebrating the legacy of Herman K. Dupré, the founder of HKD and a true pioneer in the world of snowmaking. Contestants will choose a card from a deck of "Hermanisms" and show how their team exemplifies that particular Hermanism. Watch this video to learn more about this year's I AM.

Deadline for nominations was Friday October, 16, 2020. We'll announce the 2020-21 teams shortly! Stay tuned.



Each of the seven crews nominated for I AM a Snowmaker 2019-20 created a video that takes us behind the scenes as they prepare and strategize for a successful snowmaking season. The voting period ended at midnight Jan. 21, but read the bios, watch the videos. They are all great testaments to the grit and undying dedication of snowmaking crews across North America. Learn more about the 2019 winners, and view all the participants videos, here.

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