Black Mountain Loses Financial Support

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SAM Magazine--June 14, 2013--Black Mountain in Maine, owned by the Maine Winter Sports Center, had its request of a $51,700 donation from the town of Rumford voted down on June 13. According to the Sun Journal, the money was to help the area through the summer, get it ready for winter and pay wages for three employees.

The defeat was especially disappointing since the area had just come off of a great season that saw great snow and $15 lift tickets for the community.

Black Mountain officials will meet next week to decide its course of action. No appeal to the town is possible since it was voted down as part of a larger $8 million municipal budget.


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They'd probably rather pinch pennies than invest in great outdoor activities, $15 lift tickets Seriously? wow what an awesome deal for the area communities. As more and more of these affordable rates fade into history our industry will see a decline of new and potential lifelong winter sports enthusiasts. Once you lose support of the locals an area will soon see declining numbers and revenue. In our region grade school - High School kids would go nuts for weekday/ night $15 tickets


Would be interesting to hear the other side of the story. WHY? Also good to see if this is what the majority of the town voters wanted of just what those in the position of authority decided on their behalf. Who & Why - SAM I thin you need a follow-up story on this.