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SAM Magazine—Londonderry, Vt., Jan. 25, 2013—Bromley GM Bill Cairns has been named the resort’s president.

“Bill’s been with Bromley for 32 years. His first job was ‘lift painter’ and he’s held just about every other position on the mountain, from lift attendant to snowmaker to mountain manager to GM, since then,” said Tyler Fairbank, who with his business partner and father, Brian, owns Bromley’s management company, Mountain Resort Management, LLC. “The title ‘president’ is one that he deserves, and is commensurate with his unparalleled dedication to this mountain.”

Cairns termed his promotion a “testament to the team around me,” said Michael van Eyck, Bromley’s director of marketing. “He pretty much brushed aside my congratulations, saying that one person can’t run a mountain and that Bromley’s ongoing success is the result of loyalty and teamwork … and that’s why we all enjoy working for Bill.”


The Prez.

The title is certainly deservied. You have always been a "lifer" in the industry, respected by all associates.

Bill Cairns

This is one of the most selfless, humble individuals of this industry! These traits combined with true passion for giving the customer what they want, have made Bill an incredible asset for Bromley....And no resort deserves it more! Congrats Bill!

Congrats Bill

Congrats Bill

Bill has been in charge for many years

This is wonderful news to countless Bromley Family members. Now this outstanding leader has the title.




Congratulations Uncle Bill! Your success is admirable and you're truly a great role model!

Congratulations !

Good for you Bill !!


No one deserves it more then you! Now get back to work. Be well.

Bill Cairns

This is what is truly great of this industry. The recognition of a truly dedicated individual that has put his life into his work, Bill certainly deserves this promotion. Congratualtions Bill!