Intrawest Files $100 Million IPO

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SAM Magazine--Denver, Colo., November 12, 2013--According to, Intrawest Resorts Holdings Inc., filed an initial public offering today with the New York Stock Exchange to raise up to $100 million. Intrawest, which is based out of Denver, operates Winter Park and Steamboat in Colorado, Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Stratton in Vermont and Snowshoe in West Virginia, as well as half of Blue Mountain in Ontario. Intrawest will remain under the leadership of Bill Jensen.

According to the filing, Intrawest is raising the money "for working capital and other general corporate purposes, which may include potential investments in, and acquisitions of, ski and adventure travel businesses and assets."

To check out the entire filing with the Securities Exchange Commission, click here.


payment due

It is simply time to raise more money for the next big due date on the debt Fortress amassed and has been forced to refinance twice already. Not to make purchases.


Congratulations to Intrawest! I hope the company is able to procure some acquisitions with that extra equity.

Too bad I bought all those

Too bad I bought all those ASC shares now I can't afford to buy any from Intrawest ?

Fortress not Intrawest

The company ceased being Intrawest in 2006. Just call it Fortress now.

Better Days?

As a previous employee for Intrawest for nearly ten years I have seen the company thrive and after the Fortress buyout it got pretty rough. I hope this is a sign of better days to come.

Intrawest - FIG

Fortress Investment Group is the current owner of Intrawest and has been since 2006. NYSE: FIG. Most likely even after the IPO, Fortress will still own a controlling share of the Stocks.


Bill Jensen...How about that? I recall when he was a lift supervisor here at Sun Valley back in the day, Many years ago...Best of luck to him. Most of us know it is a tough business to invest in...


Didn't they just get done selling off most of their assets? I guess there are some under the radar buys out there.