Jay Peak Drops Ticket Prices

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SAM Magazine--October 17, 2012, Jay, VT--Jay Peak Resort today announced that it is lowering the prices of all its lift tickets. For example, a single-day lift ticket last year was $75, but will be $64 this season. Ten dollars will be taken off each additional day purchased. 

The move comes while the area undergoes a $500 milion renovation. Since 2008, the resort has invested in new lodging, snowmaking, chairlifts, base lodges, restaurants, a conference center and a 60,000-square-foot indoor water park. "Having new profit centers succeeding at the pace they are gives us the freedom to apply pricing flexibility to areas like lift tickets," says resort VP Steve Wright.



Let's talk a little about those EB-5 funds. We (SAM) were a bit skeptical about them at first, too. But we took advantage of our role as journalists, and called to get the details. And they are really quite fascinating. Our interview reminded us that Bill Stenger, Jay's visionary owner, is both a very decent human being and a very smart businessman. His plan for the Northeast Kingdom—he has a hand in all the various EB-5 development projects there—is extremely thorough and economically responsible. It's not just about the skiing, though that's a key part of it. It's also about expanding the economic base of the Northeast Kingdom in some carefully targeted ways. You can read more about it in the November issue of SAM.


Jay used to take Canadian money at par while I was a kid skiing there!! I am glad to see some improvements there and in the "kingdom", but this EB-5 program seems pretty scary at best.. Sure it brings alot of money in. Where it goes and how it is spent can be debated all day. Bill is smart to have researched and tapped into that for Jay. My main concern is that foreign people can "buy their way into our country". Whether they/money end up in northern Vermont or anywhere else really does not matter. As screwed up as our government is these days you can bet there are loopholes and mistakes allowing people with less than good intentions for the USA (think 9-11) to legally enter and become citizens. I am sure there are some benefits to all of this, but as my dad said to us growing up in the "kingdom"-"If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is somewhere down the road".

Lift ticket price lowered

Look what the Bogus Basin season pass pricing plan did in late 90's. Daily ticket price drop is needed to get anyone to drive past Killington & Stowe. Must be nice to have VISA Ransom $$$$$ Doesn't the US Government have a few trillion to pay back before giving it to JAY Peak?

Price dropping..terrain still the same

Jay may have decent snow...but they still have a flat run-out to get to their slow lifts.

Best kept secret in the East

Good move Bill/Steve to drop lift ticket prices. Congrats on the success and growth of the area! For those who have yet to sample the area, Jay has the best snow in the east. It's all about the snow!

Lowering lift ticket pricing

Wow! What a novel idea, your logic based on the combination of profit centers delivering the results considered a fair return. I wager the publicity from such a move will more than offset the reduction. Congratulations.

Ticket Prices going down

This must be the EB 5 Program driving the prices down. Jay Peak working the American way..............or not? Next thing you know Jay Peak is going to accept Canadian money at par! Too late. Jay Peak is in the Kingdom, didn't know it was the Arab Kingdom.