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SAM Magazine—June 22, 2012—On the heels of a terrible winter season in California, Rusty Gregory, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Chairman and CEO, announced yesterday the company will not operate June Mountain this summer and for the upcoming 2012-13 winter season.

"June has operated at an annual deficit each year since its purchase in 1986,” said Gregory. “It is time to invest some of this subsidy into the analysis and planning required to position the resort for a sustainable future, then secure the approvals and financing required to create it.”

Mammoth purchased June Mountain in 1986 with the idea of significantly increasing the size of the resort by building new facilities, extending new runs to the June Lake Village, and fostering additional developed ski areas along the San Joaquin Ridge, resulting in a connection between Mammoth and June Mountains. For a number of reasons, these plans were never realized and June Mountain has, in turn, suffered from an identity crisis that has both stifled its ability to achieve its full potential and required substantial financial subsidy from Mammoth on an annual basis. Cessation of operations will help the company dedicate its focus to a new future for June Mountain.

Mammoth will be working with its partner the U.S. Forest Service to reach the best possible result. In the weeks to come, Mammoth will be working to determine if, and to what extent, it can absorb June’s year-round staff, while Mammoth itself is still trying to gain back its own staff after having been forced to layoff a group of full-time employees this past year.


lack of purpose

When June had a purpose and focus it did see the black. 2002-2004 saw 3 consecutive years of profit and increased visitation when there was total commitment (marketing to operations)to re establish itself in the actions sports world. When that commitment evaporated so did any continued success. Too many egos down the road never wanted to see June be successful. Interesting managers meetings during that time when any success at June was openly viewed as stealing from Mammoth.

It had to happen

It is a sad thing, but a mountain that doesn't have the proper support from its riders needs to close. A mountain cannot run forever on the generous subsidy of a capital group in Connecticut--it's got to be supported by its skiers. For those who are bitter: change is rough, but don't kid yourselves: June doesn't owe you anything. And Starwood doesn't owe you anything either. You can't pay? You can't ski.

Sad day

This is so sad for the community of June Lake. So many of the businesses in town relied on the skier/rider traffic. Unfortunately, this is how a ski area operates when they are owned by a capital investment firm like Starwood Capital. Barry Sternlich sure doesn't give a rats ass about the people of June Lake. Sad indeed.

Wrong on so many levels

Absorb? A crew that could run most areas? Nice work Starwood. Did not fund and did not support. Spending my time and money at Dodge Ridge, Mt. Rose, Sierra at Tahoe, Snow Summit, Shasta, Ashland, Homewood. Hope you fair well Mike and crew from June. Class acts all.