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SAM Magazine—Wrightwood, Calif., July 16, 2012—Mountain High Resort, Calif., and Stevens Pass Mountain Resort, Wash., have a new management structure for the two companies. There are several changes at each resort, and a new set of managers overseeing both.

At the corporate level, Michele Roy has assumed the role of chief financial officer and senior vice president. Prior to taking on Stevens Pass, Roy held senior management positions at both Mountain High, and Snow Valley, Calif. In her 17-year career, she has been instrumental in creating industry-based financial systems that have increased efficiencies and profitability.

Paul Bauer has taken the position of COO, overseeing all operations and environmental affairs at the two areas. Previously, Bauer served for 11 years as VP of environmental affairs at Mountain High, and 12 years as VP of mountain operations at Snow Valley. He is charged with developing collaborations between the two areas.

John McColly has become chief marketing officer and will oversee sales, marketing, and business development for the two companies. McColly is a 6-time NSAA marketing award winner with more than 20 years of experience, and was most recently VP of sales and marketing at Mountain High.

At Stevens Pass, Bill Bourton officially steps into the GM position; he had been acting GM since former GM John Gifford resigned last April. In his first seven years at Stevens Pass he was director of financial and human services, where he developed a forecasting tool that helped adjust staffing and operating levels based on anticipated visits. This reduced expenses and increased profitability.

At Mountain High, Ben Smith has moved from VP of resort operations to GM, and now oversees all day-to-day operations. Smith has been with the company since 1992. He has held many positions, ranging from lift mechanic to mountain manager.

There are several new VPs at the two resorts as well; we’ll have details in the September issue of SAM.

“I am excited about the management team we have assembled,” said Karl Kapuscinski, president and CEO of the two resorts. “They bring a lot of industry experience, passion, and leadership to their respective positions.”


disappointed at Stevens Pass

My husband and I have been Stevens Pass season pass holders for years. We have a cabin not far from the ski area and have had many all-season good times at Stevens. Last Friday (12/28) was not one of them. We intended to ski there all afternoon with our son (visiting from MT) and pulled into the upper parking lot after seeing the reader board message "all lots open". There was one attendant at the main lot who motioned us into a line of slowly creeping cars, assuring us there was room at the back of the lot. The cars were haphazardly parked, many with 4 or more feet of space between them. We inched our way out of that lot and up to the next-- same problem, no space, another 10 minutes spent driving in a circle. We never saw another lot attendant. Frustrated and angry, with left the area without ever getting out of the car. We wonder-- has the new management trimmed staff so tightly that services are lousy and folks like us will decline to renew our season's pass in future? I hope not but ask you to beware of focusing on the bottom line too much in the short run and finding yourselves without a loyal base in the long run.


Congrats to Bill Bourton.