Prinoth Takes Over Camoplast Grooming

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SAM Magazine--Granby, Que., October 12, 2005--After just over a year under the Camoplast umbrella, the grooming division, which includes the BR 350 and the BR 180, will be bought by Prinoth, which is part of the Leitner Group.

As of November 7, Prinoth will be in charge of design, engineering, R&D, service, parts and sales, while Camoplast will do the actual manufacturing. In other words, the BR 350 and the BR 180 will be serviced by the existing regional support system as before and they will be manufactured in the same production facility.

For its part, Prinoth will be adding the BR line to its product line-up in Europe. The hope is that the takeover by Prinoth will broaden the market for the ex-Bombardier machines.

The grooming machine market now consists of Prinoth with the BR line and PistenBully. There are smaller manufacturers, such as Ohara, but most of the worldwide orders go to Prinoth, BR and PistenBully.


Try again

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't BR pull out of Europe a few years ago because they couldn't peddle thier product? Why would you think that has changed? And, come to think about it, Prinoth pulled out of North America for the same reason.As far as BR being the better machine, I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Facts BR-350 vs PB

BR-350 remote horizontal engine, hydraulic & hydrostat cooling sysyem is superior to PB. Caterpillar C-9 inline 8.8 litre engine is higher in torque and HP to PB. BR-350 Sherpa TW direct pull system has more torque and pulling power at any incline angle than PB. The fact that Prinoth has aquired BR-350 will likely give the BR the European influence needed to elavate the machine to world wide acceptance. Those influences will only serve to make the BR evolve into a better machine and stiffin the competition against PB.


I have got a jacket, hat and anything else LMC you want. I worked there for 15 years. Clyde Noorda, the so-called CEO, should be hunted down and hurt for what he did to the company. Just a thought.

Concerning Contest

I have got one of those LMC jackets for you!

copy that

Camo/Bombi copied LMC in every aspect of their design in life, now they're copying the last dieing moments

This Blog cracks me up!

With this merger I trust Prinoth will have more influence in the design of the old Bomby product.
This will be a positive thing as anyone who has driven either Pisten Bully/Prinoth or Leitner products in the last few years Vrs the latest offerings from Bomby knows the Euros are Kickin the Canadians asses!
Hard to imagine how Catapillar/Sunstrand/Osco and JIC are going to take over Europe.
Time for the Bomby engineers to get thier heads out of the tundra and wake up.
As far as Pisten Bully going down I don't see that happening any time soon.
They are currently the worlds largest manufacturer with somthing like 650 units per year. Hell they sell as many winches as bomby makes cats!
Hopefully the merger produces a better machine as Pisten Bully needs the compitition.
Competition in the marketplace produces one winner. Me. The Customer.

Market share

If you judge success by the number of times a company has changed hands, then Camoplast is clearing winning that race.

Market share

If you judge success by the number of times a company has changed hands, then Camoplast is clearing winning that race.

Camoplast from better to BEST!

In the past years there has been three major players in the snow cat industry; Bombardier, Pisten Bully & Prinoth.
Prinoth has shared the European market with PB for a while and Bombardier has dominated the American market since LMC went down.

Now that two of those major players are combining information and technology I think Pisten Bully is goin down!

The beginning of the end?

Can anyone name a world leading snowcat company that changed hands several times in the last few years of its exsistence? Lets just hope they skidtrac market.

BR350's & BR180's support

The existing NA Sales, Parts, Service and Engineering Teams and Dealers will continue to care for our North American Customers. Prinoth understands that the product and support that is provided is key to continued success. Our product will continue to be built to our NA specifications. Our immeadiate goal is to continue to improve reliability, increase productivity and lower customer operating costs and further improve our products support. The BR's are not going away. Any concerns or questions can be directed to your Regional Manager/Dealer or simply call me 910-215-9485 Chris Nyberg VP Snowgrooming

Change equals improvement

I am looking forward to the technology that a company like Leitner can bring to the grooming business. This isn't the old Prinoth company that was know in North America, their evolution under Leitner has made the Prinoth product a big player in Europe. Adding the BR groomers to the line-up, super for us in Austria

History buff

Maybe they will bring back the "Flail" tiller. Ouch.


Guess who I am and win an LMC jacket!

Many Hats/New Cards

No matter what hat I have worn or card I have handed out in the last 20yrs- the customer has alwys come first. As far as svc/support taking a step down-support has grown in the Eastern US with the opening of our NH facility(603)267-7840 last month. As far as acqusitions/mergers/weddings I am looking foward to another-Polaris/KTM. Future headlines-KTM cleans up WSA or Polaris clinches 250 Nat.MX Championship. Any of my friends who have ?? can call. Not on weekend as I'll be on the track(2x races left). As a Vet rider, my favorite freestyle move is kicking the guy next to me in the corner.

So who takes care of my new 350s?

I understand the "alliance" that is being harold as the largest snow cat producer in the world. At first I was thrilled about the news. but did anyone ever run a prinoth in the states? do you remember the parts and service problems? I am a little nervous about the new 350's I have sitting in my shop, waiting for it to snow. With camoplast taking a step down in service since their aquistion, are we going to see another drop under new management? I guess I need to start checking for any mergers or buyouts of parent companies before I make any more major purchases.

Don't speak French?

It's too bad you never talked to someone from Bombardier, and looked so silly trying to fake a French accent. I new a guy from Quebec whose last name was Bombardier and is a cousin of the original family that stared it all - he says it Bomb-bard-deer.

The groomer formerly known as...

So, during lectures about grooming equipment, do I now refer to BR350/180 products as those formerly known as "Bombardier" or Camoplast? Well, at least I won't have to fake a french accent when I pronounce the old name.