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SAM Magazine--Salt Lake City, Utah, October 10, 2005--The executive board of Ski Utah/Utah Ski and Snowboard Association announced that it will name Nathan Rafferty the new president of the organization. Rafferty replaces Kip Pitou who was let go in early September.

Rafferty has been with Ski Utah since 1994, most recently as the director of communications.


a positive post

This is the kind of response I had originally intended to provoke. Our Olympic experience was fairly typical of most winter Olympic cities. We experienced a short term bump in visits that may or may not have had anything to do with the games- I don't know if the stats I've seen are all that trustworthy. It was just as helpful to have a stellar snow season the past couple of years…The only cities that make long term financial gain from hosting the games tend to be the ones that host summer games-at best its break even, and even then its all in how you "arrange" (a quote from Dee Dee) the numbers. Hosting the Olympic games is about something far more important then self-promotion. The Olympics are and should be about something totally different, that being said, what was the plan for promoting ski Utah after the games? I am not asking that to be a smart ass, I ask because I remember the discussion after the games being about how we can promote Utah skiing/boarding-a question that was never really answered and in fact should have been addressed well before the Flame graced our town. AGAIN, I will wish Mr. Rafferty the best of luck and so on and such forth, but I am asking the rest of the folks out there what can ski Utah do for all of us in the industry in Utah?

1. The Interconnect- an idea that would have the support of this Governor if only because he is the quintessential capitalist-the money is out there. We need the lobbyists from ski Utah to make it happen-
2. Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and, Summit county ski program for kids-could augment or replace P.E. create a new generation of snow people and save a couple of kids from being fat.

better check my spelling, that was a long one:)


I'd rather read something about the positive impact Nathan can bring to our state, with new leadership, than this type of dialogue.
(Sticks and stones were thrown out of my childhood a long time ago!)
IS IT Ski Utah's role to bring together the resorts for an 'interconnect', or is it more about simply promoting the state?

We have a HUGE uphill battle in front of us, going head to head with Colorado.
The joke we played on the world of our so called openness has only done a "one step forward, two steps backwards" effect from the Olympics.
Kevin M. \

I agree

ok we will be nice, so whats your take on ski Utah?

I agree...

This is not an English course, but rather a forum to discuss the Ski Industry. I have seen this kind of ridiculous criticism here before when there are disagreements...it is inappropriate folks.

me no smart

yep your right about the spelling, however if you had the ability to look beyond that, you would see that I was not tearing down the new management, but rather pointing out what must be done for Utah and is skiing future. Its not about me but rather about the future and growth of the sport we love. If you do look at the seattle programs you will see that they roughly follow enrollment trends- SLC offers almost no cohesive programs for its children....now check my spelling and get back to me :)

Get smart.

Before you criticize a change in management, check your spelling, punctuation, and ability to form sentences if you want to be taken seriously.
By the way, Seattle interscholastic ski schools are continuing to decline due to the ever increasing costs of skiing in Washington state.

SKI UTAH , why?

This guy has got his work cut out for him- leading an organization that is largely seen as a way for its employees to ski for free while they do very little to help grow ski sport in the state of Utah-

In my humble oponion he should focus on the interconnection of resorts, devloping an interscholastic ski school (like the have in the Seattle area) and the international traveler. Sure we have the greatest snow on earth, but we need the programs to make Utah the greatest snow destination on earth.

I wish Mr. Rafferty the best of luck--

ps its almost time -were gettn' our first dustings of the season...