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SAM Magazine—Twyford, United Kingdom, April 26, 2023—Enterprise technology provider accesso Technology Group has acquired Paradocs Mountain Software.Paradox Paradocs' mountain management solution, MtnOS, will join accesso’s existing product portfolio as accesso Paradox. 

"Adding this contemporary and powerful solution to our offering supports accesso's long-standing commitment to serving as the industry's premier ski solutions provider,” said accesso CEO Steve Brown. 

The company also offers point-of-sale ticketing system accesso Sirusware and the accesso Passport online ticketing system. Relative to those products, the accesso Paradox platform is a fully hosted solution for buying tickets and passes, renting ski equipment, and booking ski lessons.

"We're excited to further expand the reach of accesso Paradox across the ski industry and to help our clients truly maximize the solution's potential,” said Andrew Jacobs, accesso chief commercial officer.

To ensure a smooth transition, Paradocs’ 38-person team will continue working under the accesso umbrella. Paradocs CEO and founder Nicolas Dubé will work in a consultative capacity.

Paradocs was established in 2001. Its mountain management solution, now accesso Paradox, is currently utilized by 48 Canadian and two U.S.-based resorts. 

“There has been no change in the day-to-day experience for these clients,” Brown told SAM, noting accesso Paradox users have access to the same support team, support portal, and contact number as before. “We have worked diligently to ensure the client experience would not be interrupted.”

Over the coming months, said Brown, accesso will work to align the accesso Paradox team with its existing operation and provide the team with new and expanded sales, customer support, security, and engineering resources.