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Push to The Latest: No
SAM Magazine-Sandpoint, Ida., July 11, 2005-The two partners who comprised Harbor Resorts, MIG and Harbor Properties, have dissolved their partnership. As a result, Schweitzer Mountain Resort is now wholly owned by MIG (the estate of Keith McCaw, whose family established a regional cellphone company later bought by AT&T). Stevens Pass, Wash., reverts to Harbor Properties, which owned the area previously. The breakup became official on June 30.

The separation permits each area to pursue its own unique market. Following the split, Schweitzer has announced plans for a series of developments intended to expand recreational opportunies in both summer and winter, as well as developing the real estate potential for the 7,000 acre resort. The goal is to increase Schweitzer's appeal as a destination resort.

Stevens remains primarily a day area for the Seattle market. Despite last winter's weather-curtailed season, Stevens is pushing ahead with a variety of capital improvements this summer, including the installation of two conveyor lifts and summer slope grooming that will allow the area to operate with less snow cover than in the past.