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SAM Magazine-McCall, Ida., April 28, 2006-Brown's Industries, Inc. and Snowy Peaks, LLC, both owned by long-time Brundage Mountain Company co-owners Judd and Diane DeBoer and their family, have purchased the 50 percent ownership stake previously held by the J.R. Simplot Company. The purchase givefs the DeBoer family full ownership of the resort.

The joint ownership began in the 1960s. Simplot Company president and CEO Larry Hlobik said the company fully recognizes the recreational potential of Brundage, but has elected to direct its capital to its core fertilizer and food business.

Area president and GM Rick Certano, who joined the Brundage team last fall, retains those posts. Judd DeBoer will become chairman of the board of directors. The company's top priority will be continued expansion of runs and lifts, an initiative the resort started several years ago. A pending land exchange with the Payette National Forest would give Brundage land in and around the base area for future development.