Push to The Latest: No

Where you were in your career when you won a SAMMY, and big moments since?

I was at Mammoth when I was awarded a SAMMY in 2002.

Big moments: After Mammoth, I was president and CEO at Colorado Ski Country USA for six years before joining Intrawest (again). I'm now the President and COO of Steamboat and I have two teenage daughters (who were both born in Mammoth Lakes, Calif.) in high school in Steamboat.

Best Day/Worst Day/Most Memorable in the business?

Best Day: The first day I skied with my wife and two daughters. We had our first family ski day at Steamboat in 2007 while I was still at CSCUSA.

Worst Day: I've never had a “worst day” working in this industry. Actually, doing a night search in 1994 for my friend “Topher,” who died from asphyxiation under the snow while tree skiing.

Most Memorable: Skiing Steamboat's world famous Champagne Powder® snow after a 30-inch dump in February 2012. My goodness! Billy Kidd said we needed snorkels that day, and we sure did.

Who was/is a memorable mentor?

I've been fortunate to have several along my career. Rusty Gregory, Bill Jensen, Pat Peeples and Chris Diamond come to mind as a few of the generous people who have helped me throughout my career.

Did you ever almost leave the industry, and why? Why did you stay?

My entire 23-year career has been in the ski industry. After working for CBS during the 1998 Winter Olympics, I had a brief thought to go to NYC, but then I went powder skiing and said no way.

If you could work in another industry doing something completely different, what would it be?

I would be an usher in Scottsdale during Spring Training.

When was the last time you actually purchased a lift ticket?

Every year, Steamboat's opening day is called Scholarship Day, where all the lift proceeds go to support the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. We've raised more than $1,000,000 for the club since we started the event. I buy a ticket ($20-$30) for Scholarship Day every year. Other than that, the last time I bought a lift ticket was—I can't remember!

How many days do you go without washing your ski / snowboard socks?

If I wear a pair of socks for more than one day, bad things start to happen. And besides, SmartWool is the official sock of Steamboat J

What's the last thing you searched in Google?

“Sammy award winners” to see what year I won one.

Guilty pleasure?

Heli skiing.

Where do you keep your SAMMY Award?

Prominently displayed in my home office.

Thoughts on the future?

It'll snow, and live every day.